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Setting time of day?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Lewi6, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Deleted. Problem solved, please delete thread. Thanks.
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  2. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Did you change something in your plr about that?
  3. Deleted
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  4. Why is this always practiced?
    Somebody asks a question and then comes back and says " I solved the problem, please delete the thread" and never ever says what solved the problem.
    Are we evolving into a secret society or something similar?
    I have never figured this habit out.
    (...steps off soapbox...)
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  5. Especially because it would help others in the future if they have the same issue. ;)
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  6. Sorry Jim. The reason I deleted my responses was mostly due to embarrassment as the time of day only applies to the race. I was going into practice sessions thinking, "What the hell is going on? It's 8 am when I set it to 5 pm!!" Apologies. I'll keep it in mind for the future.
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