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Setting Start/Finish Line

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by wagnerov, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. I've been building my first track (road course) using BTB 0.8.3 Pro and have pretty much gotten the layout I wanted, and added a bunch of details in. The track is perfectly driveable in the game of course, although I start off on the terrain somewhere...that is due to the lack of a proper AIW file, I know. Track building is addictive and has cost me a lot of sleep in the past week!

    My question is probably a dumb one, but how is the start/finish line position set? I go to the edit start/finish properties menu -> timing gates -> move. Then click "Manually" for the Start dropdown, where BTB crashes on me with an Unhandled Exception error(all the options in that dropdown crash). I am in 3D view for this, but have tried other views to no avail.

    Can the start line be set with the ISI AIWCAM editor? I am afraid to spend many hours finetuning the AI while BTB crashes on me for the simple startline problem.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has any advice. :cool:
  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Well, to start off with, in BTB you go to edit start/finish positions button.

    When you click on the Timing Gates tab, you dont need to change anything else in this window. You should see coloured rectangles appear on your track where the gates have been positioned (in 3D view).
    All you do is click and drag them to where you want them placing. Simple as that.
  3. I don't see any rectangles, just a basic 3D view when the Start/Finish positions menu is on. So I guess that's where the problem lies...there isn't anything to adjust and that's why BTB crashes. I wonder why there aren't any gates to adjust now...
  4. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    On the first tab of that window, have you clicked on 'Append Track'?

    What this will/should do is create a center line for your track, and its to this that BTB will position the gates.
  5. That appears to have done the trick. Thank you! Learning all the controls (mostly trial and error for me after watching the tutorials and searching through the super helpful threads here) and the order they are done in has taken the most time for me, but I love this utility anyway!
  6. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Excellent, glad you got it sorted :)

    One thing you want to watch out for, is your pit in and pit out gates. If those coloured rectangles overlap the main track in any way, it causes problems.
  7. The best way to start a new track is were the start line is and go in the direstion of the track saves a lot of mucking around,and I can agree with you it is very addictive but hey thats why we do it....:D
  8. Just remembed the vids on BTB on utube well worth the look they have a lot of information on how to do things.
  9. You can only move the start and end of the pitlane in the 3d view.
  10. And if you move your track after "appending to track" you can either clear and do it over -OR- manually fix both the fast line and the center (and the pits if you've really been mucking about).

    I was scratching my head as to why the AI were not following the fast line after carefully repositioning the track & fast line, then eventually realized the center line was still the old route... thus the AI wouldn't venture off the corridors defined by the center line even though the fast line told them to. Center line's corridors define the course and the AI won't shortcut the course even when the fast line tells them to.