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Server problem

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Matt Hunt, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Hi I wonder if any of the admins could help me, I just got a gtr-evo server from http://www.thegamehoster.net/ and not a clue on how to set it up, TGH are not being very helpfull. :struggle:

    They tell me that I can't controll the server on the fly and anything I need doing ie.. track change mod added ect! has to be done by them and I will have to wait 24hours, I've never had this with any other server company covering many other games?

    I'm sure there was a way with *Remote Desktop Connection*

    I would be very greatfull for any help
    Many thanks
    Me :)
  2. A friend of mine had a server for a month with thegamehoster.net. In that month, he didn't get any help even after E-Mailing them several times.

    He's been looking for other hosters, but there aren't many that are reasonable priced.
  3. Maybe you guys can ask Xose Estrada. He uses Gamehoster for the STC. :)
  4. The problem with most racegames that have dedicated servers is that they can only be managed through the server GUI.

    Unfortunately none of these games make it possible to connect remotely to a server. As such all changes have to be made through ftp.

    Generally we advice clients who want a Race 07/GTR Evo/Rfactor etc. server to get a low end dedicated server. We have several special deals for clients looking to host racegames where i3D.net installs the game for you and basicaly sets up a server, with remote desktop and the race games of choice, ready to go from the get go.

    Prices start around 55 euro for a quadcore with 2 GB RAM 1000 GB bandwidth, windows server 2008 and 2 games of choice installed :). On average you can run around 4 gameinstances on such a server.

    Unfortunately dedicated hosting in racegames is still not a very common thing and because of it the tools are not really fit for "shared" gamehosting.
  5. Very bad service! 4 mails and the Live suport is "well not worth the time" first they give us the wrong IP. then the wrong port, now wrong login details.. been 9 days and still not been able to use the server "rage" The thing that I don't understand is, Nov 08 a member of my team had a server from them. and was able to do this all via remote desktop, yet now the option it gone, that or the login details are still wrong!

    Dedicated is not an option, as I run a multigaming FPS team and i'm trying to bring my passion for sim racing into the fold hehehe Slow but I'll have them on track lol :)

    i3D.net Thanks for posting, I know you can't comment on another company. so thank you for taking the time to help. also thank you to the above posters.

    I guess if TGH don't play ball as I'm sure this can be worked out I'll claim my teams money back under Trading standards. As it was not setout in the small print before payment was taken :(

    Many thanks guys :)
  6. Thanks mate, I've just posted over there now. hope I don't get done for spam lol. just wanna get this server running, also happy for other RD members to join it should they be in the same event that the server will be setup to test on :)