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Apparel Serbian Helmets 1.0

Ferrari and Mclaren

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  1. I´m not from this country,but the helmet machine is working well again;) Looks nice in german colors,too...for sure:whistling: almost the same....only the black eagle on top and colors different
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  2. can you make the helmet from hamilton and alonso in monaco please
  3. please make it

  4. I'll see.
    And they will take time too.
  5. I think the question have the guys here already read. It makes no sence to ask again in different threads.
  6. Please use the modding requests thread for requests. If you've already asked please don't repeat in a different thread. As Gerald said... They take time.

    Gerald... Lovely as always mate :) your a credit!
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  7. Amazing,thank you very much.:cool:
  8. Hvala brate(Thanks bro)
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  9. I need Serbian helmet for Force India and Mercedes, can you make them?
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  10. I'll put up a seperate link for them in sometime.
  11. ok thanks man
  12. Thank you very much :)
  13. I copied the files in my game folder but the helmets don't appear in the game..I have Helmet Replacement mode 5.0. Do I have to delete it first so the Serbian helmets can work?

  14. It won't show in the menu.
    Put the files in the game and select the gen helmet it replaces.
    It will show in game.
  15. Oh...OK..Thanx once again :)
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  16. can you do a Croatia helmet ?
  17. Amazing dude,tnx...u rock!!
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  18. Hvala ! Great stuff.
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