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Seeking standard "Body" for project(s).

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by hitman45, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Hey all, I was playing around with racer a number of years ago generally tuning up the works of others but also the creation of a screaming arcade hyper car or two. But the thought of creating a few project cars is getting strong once again.

    I'm looking to 'finish' a number of projects:
    Formula Student car (high priority, medium interest)
    Auto grass Class 8 Special (medium priority, very high interest)
    Go-kart (medium priority, high interest)
    Locost 7 (low priority)
    F2 Stockcar (lowest priority)

    I'm not bad with the number crunching game. It's the arty bit I never got to terms with hence I don't have any bodies to work with... However to spare people a ton of work here is my request:
    Please could a have a cube 1mm^3, Colour grey/blue and 50% opacity?

    My plan is to stretch the box to the required size, marking something of a placeholder. You notice with everything I've picked a certain open wheel theme. Later on I might try to a 2D extrusion, but for now let’s keep it simple.

    I'm really surprised this hasn't been tried before, I apology in advance if this has been begged many times before.

    A "body.dof" file uploaded to either hot file / mega upload or similar would be greatly appreciated.

    Any questions?
  2. I got some Porsches that need finishing, well that are not mine, i got them off tracciontrasera.es the other day. A 911 GT3, 911 turbo
    and a Cayenne

  3. Welcome Hitman,
    Not to put a damper on you but don't be surprised if you don't receive a lot of praise for a screaming arcade hyper car. The Racer community is mostly geared towards simulation.
    Just thought you might appreciate a heads up.

    Alex Forbin