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Secret Life Of F1

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, May 14, 2012.

  1. This Documentary follows the secret ways of Williams and Mercedes.

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  2. Some great footage in there, even period footage of the BRM V16! Many thanks Scott:thumbsup:
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  3. Nice post, Scott.
  4. im glad you liked it as much as me, now i need to save up for that most expensive book in the world, th F1 financial book, costing over 2k
  5. £2000!? No wonder they call it the 'financial' book.

    Is it really such a good read?
  6. no idea, no copy is on any sites... you know what sites im on about :) i ain't going to fork out so much on a book, but aparantly the review is, the inside of how the money is controlled and the decisions behind F1, mostly things we don't agree with when it comes to Bernie
  7. What is the full name of the book? Got me interested now.. :)
  8. the book was over 2k 2-3 years ago, looks like it's been dropped so much, no wonder the sales couldn't have been good :p this book is now going for... wait for it... £357, f**k that's alot of money!

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  9. Now that i saw the price i think it will be a buy in the future :)
    that sounds like a highly interesting book!
  10. lol you would hope so as it is expensive...
  11. I´m wondering if it gets updated every year, perhaps a stupid question even.
    If so then you should time it so you get the latest year.
    That way you have something to read about before the season starts again :)
  12. i think this book is all about the indepth of F1 and how it works, things that people don't even know today, like me and you, im sure theres so much in their we have no idea about or the existance of it in formula 1.
  13. Yea i´m sure there are some tasty information in that book :)
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