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Season 6 Race 6 Sepang - Chat

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Wayne Reed, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hope you like it :)
  2. :D very nice WD
  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Nice mate,
    save the image and put in my personal memories folder:)
  4. Nice Wayne,

    In previous seasons' race at Sepang, some drivers have had issues with their pit stop. It may have been "bug" in V1 of the track that has been corrected. I believe that Auto Pit should not be used though...
  5. As a general rule, never use auto pit, but especially when dealing with "add-on" cars and tracks.
  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    i had the pit bug in sepang in season 3 i think it was, there was at least 5 of us who had no pit, the garage doors were closed in front of where we pitted, so when it came to race time, we drove in, stopped, and were instantly kicked back out onto the track, i tried 4 times to pit that race until i eventually ran out of fuel.

    i had autopit on at the time, this might have been avoided if i used manual pit, i dont know but its something for everyone to test and make certain of before the race.
  7. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Yeah, better don't use auto pit in general. Even though you turn off auto pit, the limiter still turns on and off at the right point. So you can't do wrong very much despite braking too late.
  8. Noel, and maybe others, in the FPPS had a problem in Season 4; the car stopped in the pit box and then slowly rotated left on the spot. Looked odd on the replay [from memory]. It immediately ended his race.:frown::confused:
  9. Did they use autopit?

    Nice graphics Wayne!
  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

  11. Most likely it appears. No one has reported any issue recently so it is all good.

    As a note, I do enjoy this track. :) Feathering the throttle mid corner around the high speed corners 5,6,7,8 is great. A little rain will make it even more interesting...
  12. I noticed that my MoTeC XD telemetry sometimes gets very messed up displaying time gaps and track positions around Sepang. It showed Anthony, who was visibly filling my mirrors, sometimes as +37 sec behind me. It would correct itself and mess up again...

    Best for me to turn it off in race. :)
  13. Hi guys,
    I can't make it for this round (work constraint). :frown:
    CU in China.
  14. im not there too !
  15. what time the session begins please?
  16. qualify starts at 8pm UK time, I think 9pm in France. On Wednesday of course.
  17. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    nice wayne and how many laps is wednesdays event ? (so i can plan tire and fuel options)
  18. 39 laps? same as the FPPS?
  19. Yes, that is correct. I am sorry that there have been little "organising" the last week, it has been very busy in my tangible life lately (and it still is). The little time I have I need to use on preparing for the race.

    This should however not be a problem now that everybody knows what to do anyway :)

    As for the incidents of Tim vs David and Fabian vs Alex, I have studied them both, and for me at least it seems quite straight forward analysing them both to find out what went wrong. I'll see if I can send out an email with "my findings" tonight.

    Also, it seems I have lost my communication with Cristian, Gaetano and Eliezer. Normally this would lead to automatic suspension from the league, however, I do not have the energy to do anything about it :)
  20. :) I'm Here
    Answer yours emails some days ago.
    Was far away from keyboard on vacation last week ...
    CU ;) ...