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Season 6 Race 2 Nurburgring - Setup thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Anthony Ishak, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I thought to post this as early as possible so we can have time to work and improve them.

    I created 2 setups, one with low wings and one with medium wings , they should be very responsive and both gave the same result and so far the best i could do was 127-9 , i believe more speed to come from both setups considering the way i am driving atm...



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  2. Hi Guys
    Q set up, 4/28

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  3. Does anybody know what track this is as it is not the Nurburgring GP from GTRE
  4. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    ohhhh! I think everyone should have the GTRevo version. Didn't know there are others around and I bet that simbin tracks are the best ones...

    Maybe Nico can help!?

    I hope to have some test laps at the weekend... Can't wait as always.
  5. Believe it or not, but I am not sure which version it is, but I suspect it is the custom one. I have no clue if everybody have GTR Evo, and it is nothing I have demanded earlier... at least I think I haven't :)

    Problem is that we race the same track as Pacific, and they are 5 days into their practice. Something tells me it might not be a populare decition to switch tracks now.

    Is there any problem with the one the server is hosting now?
  6. It is a custom one yes from NoGrip. I have it now. Seems a pity when it is a standard track in GTRe. But then we cant be sure that all have. I mentioned earlier that RaceOn was for sale for Eur 6 on Steam at the new year - but it is back up to Eur 25 now - so pity for those that didnt buy it when i said :p
  7. Hmm, might be good to get an overview of which versions our member has. I'll ask the Race Director if he can find out ;)
  8. In Season 4 you/we did "demand" GTR Evo. We had to change from the add on track to the GTR Evo version to remain inline with the FPWS season. The track is not available for download here at RD either. It doesn't bother me which one we use. :)
  9. Ahh... my better half steps in and resques the day again :) (not sarcastic)

    Thanks mate :)

    I don't mind which track we use either, but I fear some guys will be unhappy if we change now. I suggest we stick to the one we got, and I'll be more careful when picking track versions in the future (in the server interface, it is no indication of which track is which, I just have to chose between Nürburgring GP and Nurburgring GP, and I could not remember which was which :), nor what we used last time. I only knew we had used the one with ü at some stage)
  10. As a general rule you can tell by the category a track is placed under:

    2006 and 2007 = Race07
    GTR Evo = GTR Evo
    2008 and US = RaceOn
    Addon = Addon

    Occaisonally Track "Developers" put their tracks in other categories - like Extras, sometimes under the year categories I believe too :(
  11. The server interface is VERY simple, it just shows a list of names (not neccessarely identical to the name it have in the game), no categories as in the game, no way to tell the difference between ingame and custom, you got to know (or spend time investigating).
  12. Qual setup

    hi all

    MY setup so fare

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  13. Hi Guys
    here is the latest update for my set ups
    Turbo_q : is the qually set up, used my own 3/23
    Turbo_Mark_Race: is the the race set up 5/31, based on Mark qually set up, changed few things & its really good, fast & stable.
    Good luck

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  14. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Here's my so far setup. I did some changes on Anthonys first posted setup. Thx Thony :)

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  15. Here's my so far setup. I did some changes on Anthonys first posted setup. Thx Thony :)

    View attachment v1,1.svm
    View attachment v1,1 race.svm

    It is first and foremost softer, in particular in the rear, to prevent loosing my ass so easily :) The gearing is also changed slightly, a bit longer 1st gear for stabillity (easier) acceleration.

    If anybody knows why my link does not come with a counter, please let me know :)
  16. :thumbup:THX! Guys
  17. I use Mark's setup for qual (Thank you very much Mark, excellent stuff!).
    But I will decide later which setup to use for the race....
  18. Thanks for posting the setups. I'm still learning this track (never raced on it before), and began my race setup based on my Hockenheim one, from last season, but quickly found that Mark's one was very good because when I merged it into mine and was able to improve my lap times. It's too stiff for me so I soften a little the front and much the rear (same idea as Nicolai).
    I've tested softs but I think they wear too much (45% after a 20 lap stint). I'll make other tests with mediums and post my setup once I feel confident with it.

    PS : the first sector is a nightmare with cold tires! I highly recommend practicing race start.
  19. HI All
    Try to put the wing down to 5/29 is faster. whit my setrup
  20. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence