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Season 5 - Race 4 - Suzuka - Division 1

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Vincenzo Cavaliere, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone!

    First of all, Congratulations to everybody have a podium on this season, great!! :) Specially Reik and Peter who right now have a first place on season 5.

    Apologies about my few threads, really I am so busy guy, but I read and enjoy every threads from all here, thanks for race information, thanks for video and race report, thanks for setups ( I am very bad to build setup ), Thanks to Nicolai for supporting and help, thanks everyone for nice race!

    Well, I don't have luck this season, I feel like Hamilton :mad:, 3 Race 3 DNF, Im continuous with video card problems, but not time yet to reinstalling my operating system or change hardware, I hope to have time to repair my computer for the next race at Monaco..

    Good Luck to all at Suzuka! :cool:
  2. Hi all,

    Due to my work i can't compete tonight.

    Maybe i will join at a later time but for now i can't see any way to drive tonight.

    For now, Lots off fun and good luck to all!

    Make it a fair battle!

    Greetz Coen
  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying p4

    good qual, keeping up my consistancy in qualifying saw me in 4th place which is the same place ive been in each of the 3 races before.


    decent start saw me in 6th place through the esses, coming out of degner 2 into the chicane i was smacked from behind, not even a small tap, i was ploughed through like a farmers field, so last position with wrecked rear suspension, behind Nico, coming to the last corner, the same person behind decided he doesnt have to brake, i had to close my eyes at that point i thought he was wrecking the 3 of us who were at the chicane, he flys off into the distance obviously not realising he has a brake pedal, so i followed on behind Nico with a difficult to drive car, lost it a couple of times and nearly took Nico out through degner, sorry Nico if you had a heart in mouth moment, anyhoo next lap i did manage to take him out at the very chicane id been wrecked myself, i lost the car under braking due to the rear suspension damage it wiggled from left to right and before i knew it id hit Nico, i let him rejoin then carried on, i dont think it was a hard collision but enough to send him off track for a split second, from this point id lost intrest hit a few walls, pitted a few times but really couldnt be bothered anymore.

    cya next race

    p.s when someone is as laggy as the laggiest of laggy things they really shouldnt be allowed to join the race.
  4. Race report

    It was a desaster..... I had a quiet good start but i made contact with 2 cars on the way to t1. I could maintain my position and nobody else got any damage (i think) . Then i made a mistake in the hairpin corner and hit David. Sorry David, if i messed up your race !

    Beyond that i suffered from heavy lag so i couldnt continue much longer. Due to a relocation i don´t have a proper internet connection yet. Unfortunately there are some technical problems which delays the clearing of my new connection. So i use a Surfstick at the moment but that doesnt seem to work in races. I tested the connection and it seemed to be ok with few people on the server. - Not too much lag . Now i know better and i won´t participate in a race until i get a better connection.
    Anyway grats to the winners ! (Whoever it will be, as the race hasn´t finished yet :)

    See you soon
  5. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Bugger :(

    This page shows more details on a particular BT Service Outage.
    Update Number
    13/10/2010 21:37
    13/10/2010 21:34
    Anticipated Clear Time:
    13/10/2010 23:34
    Area Codes

    It was going well too

    Brought to you via my Android 3g

  6. Hi guys !

    this was a nice race, i was happy with my pace :)
    Made some small errors.
    But did 22 laps on my hard tyres. :) so i was running 1st for a couple off laps:)
    These laps i find the hardest to focus
    Then in my second stint some on was literly pounding on my front door.
    I was yelling , cant come to the door right now.
    But that person kept on banging and banging....
    So i got really mad.
    And Yelled at the top of my voice:
    Cant come to the door, im racing online in the F1 championship !!
    Well then she got the message, but could hear what she was saying cause i had a headfone...
    So in the mean time i missed the last chicane for the 3rd time in a row and got a stop and go .
    After that spun again .
    Then i finally cooled down a bit , and saw Tim in my mirror.
    But i mananged to pull away from him ..
    So in the end i was happy to get to 7th . after a really difficult race :)

    Well next time im puttting a sign on my door , Do not Disturb, im racing :)

    See ya guys next Race !
  7. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Maybe your house was burning around you whilest you were playing?! Are you still fine? :tongue:
  8. lol, i think i figured out who it was . but im not sure.
    Long stor about a cat who now is always with me , but his real boss lives 2 houses away.
    So i think she was there to reclaim here cat.
    But im fine , but disappointed that i happend during race. :
  9. Yes i can see some cars on track with lots of lag. its hard to race against that.
  10. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Race Report: Reik Major - BRM / McLaren

    Practice (9th):

    Due to very busy last weeks this free practice was the first and only time I had to have a little test with fuel, trying to find a race balance. So i was 9th, when we swithched to practice start, because other drivers seemed to drive their lap times with qualy setup. The practice start wasn't good. Many incidents, so thanks god it was just a test.

    Qualify (2nd):

    I needed 2 or 3 stints to put in a 1:25:3xx which brought me 2nd position. Mark was better this time with a 1:25:2xx i think. Tim was very, very close behind me, with also a 1:25:3xx. I pushed hard for the rest of the session and maybe i could have improved by 1 or 2 tens, but finally Mark did a 1:24:8xx i think and that was too much. So a very well deserved pole for him!

    Race (2nd):

    It turns out that my starting position is also my finishing result this season, because that's what happend all the 4 races until now. So i need to get back on pole next event. :tongue:

    Starting from 2nd, I had a good inside position for T1. Lights went on green and I hit a very good start and was able to drive next to Mark on the inside. He also started well, but first corner was mine. I was a little late for T2 but could hold first.

    For the next 5 laps or so I was chased by Mark. With starting tire wear my cars balance changed a littel. I never before experienced more than 5 laps in a row, so i didn't know where it starts to become tricky. So exiting T9 the car immediately got a huge oversteer on the throttle sending me to the right. It seemed like I catched it, so i stood on the throttle, but the car made a huge counter reaction to the left. The only chance not to ramm it into the left wall was to jump into the brakes. So I slided sideways on the left track side and Mark showed a great reaction to pass me on the right. After Singapore it is the second time i have to thank you very much for your good reactions! :redface:

    Luckily i didn't hit the wall and could go on in 4th, having a good fight with Robin for some laps. I could overtake him in the hairpin, when he had turn in oversteer, which i also had there very often. In the meantime Tim had taken the lead from Mark and i was in 3rd with a little gap to Mark.

    Then, out of the spoon, Mark made a mistake and i jumped into 2nd. From this time on he chased me very close all the time and it was tricky to control the car with very much worn tires. It was nice to see, that Tim, I and Mark pitted into the same lap. Tim was of course first entering the pit with a 12 seconds lead.

    We left the pits in the same order, with nearly same gaps. Again Mark pushed very much behind me and it required all concentration not to make a single mistake. Especially through the Esses he was a little faster and i t allways was a challenge to hit T8, T9 and the hairpin well.

    His close chase made the laps go by very quickly until he made a small mistake in lap 33, which gave me some time to breath through and calm down. After this hunt my gap to Tim in front was around 10 seconds. Don't know if he still pushed or if he was just bringing it home. I tryed hard, hoping he would make a mistake on worn tires. But this day he did the least mistakes, so he brought home a very, very well deserved victory and I finished 2nd with a 8 seconds gap.

    Congrats Tim! :cool:

    I have to give in, that i had a little hope for rain during the last laps to spice things up, but the all times dark sky didn't want to let it out.

    Also huge congrats for Anthony's 3rd! It seems the aussie connection is getting stronger and stronger. :rolleyes:

    Of course every points winner and finisher deserves gratulations, because the track is really tricky.

    Thx to MMG, RD and especially Nico for making this cool racing possible.

    Now i can't wait to "burn my rubber" into Monacos tarmac for the first time :wink:

    C U there...
  11. I get the feeling that drivers have the same expectations to the weather that they would have to a movie, you know, that it is scripted and then you "know" what will happen. I think Daniels approach is more like a mathematician than a movie producer if you get my point.

    When there is let's say only 15 laps/ 23 minutes to go and no rain the chance of rain appearing before race is over i mathematically very small, but "moviematically" it is quite big :)
  12. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Well in my case it was more of a hope, that it would rain in the end of the race, so i could have had a little chance to catch Tim.

    From Daniels forecast i knew it could rain, but it's not for certain. Because of the dark sky i allways feared about rain in the race, but in the end of the race i hoped for it.

    I think the kind of forecaset is close to perfect! No need to change anything.

    Only for Monaco i wish for a completely dry event, but does the weather man care about my small wishes? :redface: :rolleyes:
  13. Qualify (14th) :
    This time I was the slowest (20ms from Per). I usually don't train for qualification, so that's normal (for me, race pace is more important than qualification). I'll have to do better for Monaco, because qualification will be important there. Anyway, I did my PB there so this was not a complete loss of time for me.

    Race (10th) :
    I finished last among the finishers :frown:

    I did a decent start, and quickly gain some positions taking the right side of the track, having to go a little on the grass at the pitlane exit. I was 11th in the first corners, sandwiched between Per in front and Jakob behind. This was a close fight, a matter of inches, but everything went fine. Per was clearly sliding in the first corners and I passed him after he went too wide at Degner, and then two other pilot at the Hairpin.

    I finished lap 1 as 8th just behind Andy and tried to follow him. I tried to intimidate him at the begining of lap 4, trying to take the outside in turn 1 but it was not possible to pass him there. He gained some time in the following laps, I think because he catch the slipstream of the guys in front of him and I soon was too far from him.

    At lap 11 I spun at the Hairpin, was blocked some time on the kerb and had to let pass Jakob and Nicolai.

    At lap 13 something strange happened. I did lots of mistakes, feeling like my tyre lost some grip somehow. I spun twice (ts 1256 and ts 1288) and, checking the lap times of the other pilots and watching their replay, I found that two other drivers spun also in this lap, almost at the same moment as I did : Mark at ts 1256 and Andy at ts 1270. I remember checking my XD to see if it was starting to rain at this moment, because I really had no idea what was happening. Anyway, maybe it's a coincidence, but it was worth mentioning. I know there was some grip problems with this track on the online server, and this maybe another manifestation of a bug.

    I pitted at the end of lap 20, to refuel and get some fresh tires. I started the race with 90l of fuel and mediums, hoping to make two more laps, but I was really in trouble at the Hairpin so I decided to pit a little earlier (70l fuel + mediums).

    My second stint was rubbish, I made too much mistakes, had to repair because of lost wing and suspension damage, and I don't want to think about it.

    Thank you Nicolai, PrestoGP and RD for the organization. See you on the streets of Monaco!
  14. I qualified 12th with a time that was around 0,5 behind my qual time.

    I was very carefull at the start and both cars behind me passed me before the first turn. From there I did my best stint so far, driving more or less 20 laps without mistakes. My pace was not very impressive, but it was quite constant. Towards the end of the stint I was at Andy's tail, but I wasn't fast enough to make a pass. When he divied for the pits after lap 20 I decided that I would do 1 or two more laps as quickly as possible, then pit and hope that I would leave pits infront of Andy. For some reason I never thought of fuel. I had 80 liters and towards the end of lap 22 I noticed that the engine was coffing, and when I looked at the fuel gage it said 0,1 liters, and I had not even reached the last chicane. I started coasting like crazy and manage to use the last fumes to get to my box. Bot in the confusion I broke the speed limit and received a stop and go. When I left the pits I was indeed infront of Andy, but I knew at that point that there would not be anymore fighting between us.

    The second stint contained a couple of personal mistakes and I brought it home to 8th I think, disappointed about myself for forgetting to watch the fuel.

    Congratulations to Tim for being the first to beat Reik this season. And congratulation to Reik and Anthony and the rest of the finishers!
  15. Sorry Reik, did not mean to imply that you didn't understand. Just thought I should mention just in case :)
  16. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    no problem mate
  17. Sorry for to be late, too much to do at work...
    Qualify – 9th:
    The previous day I could easily dive into 125xx but today somehow I could only manage 126x..

    Race- 3rd:
    I had a better start then Andy who was in front of me, then Janek car was all over the place in front of me as he was lagging a bit and I was extra careful to not hit him as I did not know where he was exactly, later on i saw Janek and David coming together at the hairpin and that promoted me to P6.

    Starting lap 2 I had the best on track fight ever this year, I was behind Jim trying to pass him for the whole 10 laps, my car was handling superbly but he was defending very well until he run wide at spoon turn, vry impressive driving Jim:good: . After that I spent the time closing the gap slowly to Robin, the battle with Jim cooked my tires and by lap 17 I got the warning message so I had to pit for fresh one, me and Robin pitted at the same time but I left the pit before him, then when everyone have pitted I found myself behind Mark, I start pushing hard to catch him and by lap 34 i did not have any grip at all and I got the tire warning again , I looked at the “ real time telemetry “ on the second screen I saw my tires on 49% and the track temperature was around 39c and the air temperature around 32c or so, that was really strange. I passed Mark when he span on lap 35 but at that time i was really exhausted , and i was nearly falling asleep on my chair as i had around 4 hours sleep and totally forgot about the time changes for the race “ day light saving for us” , me , Tim and Joe got up at 4am instead of 5am lol.

    Reik was still flying at the front and was no way I could catch him as my tires gave up long time ago, Mark start closing on me but he made another mistake again, and the final lap lasted forever, I had 35% left on my tires and the only thing that made me stay on track was the rain setup that I prepared myself for, I was running 5/ 23 wings, it did not rain but the high down force i was on payed off at the end...

    Weld done to Tim and Reik, and hard luck to Mark this time, without that spin I was not sure i could pass him ;)..
    Thanks to Nicolai and Presto Gp for all the great fun today ....see you at Monaco :)
  18. Congratulations Tim, Reik and Anthony. Go Aqua Vista Racing. :)
  19. Thanks Peter,

    nice job for you too last race, and well done to Steve , Joe and Mark as well :)