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Season 2 schedule?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by kauff, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I am new to the service and I want to run the Skippy next season. When do they post the next season schedule?

    With my limited funds, I want to get the majority of the tracks to run the season but I would like to buy now. How do you strategies your track purchases?
  2. schedule is posted usually in the middle of week 13, in this case the week between season1 and season2, We're entering week 9 today, so it should be some time between april 22nd and 28th if i counted correctly. by all means wait for that schedule since one or two new tracks are often released in week 13 and usually these are squeezed into the schedules so we have some "incentive" to buy :) usually there are 4 free tracks in each d-class schedule, so if you pick up another 4 you can run a whole season (the best 8 out of 12 weeks count, also the 4$ participation bonus is linked to having done 8 races in one series).
  3. You can put iRacing dollars/credits on your account in advance if there's a reason to set that money aside now, I'm assuming once it's on the account you can also get the bulk discount.

    I figure the most economical route is $15 each for 7 tracks is $105, which will be $84 with the bulk discount, and the skip is $12, so if you take the $100-for-$75 discount they have running right now, you actually end up with 7 tracks and the car for $69 (6 dollars left as credits). Which is nearly the entire season. Or if you own the skip, 8 tracks for $72ish. Or if you want the skip now to practice up, a couple dollars less since it's not part of the bulk purchase.

    Seems like a reasonable deal if you can make it happen. Though I'm still kinda hesitant to spend $75 for one series worth content, I guess I'm not used to iRacing finances yet.
  4. So collecting all the information to my mind, as I understand the schedule is ONLY released on week 13? Damn, wish it was a week earlier. :/
  5. Yes, if you load up on discount credits, you can also get the bulk discount. That's the most cost-effective way to do it, especially since credits never expire.

    I'm with Eckhart, don't try and grab all 12 tracks for the season. Probably three will be base content, then I suggest buying any tracks in common between the Skippy and SRF which will give you several options each week (or the ability to run the SRF if you don't own that week's Skippy track). Ask around and look at previous season results and try to get popular tracks at first.

    The schedules aren't released yet, because they just asked for community input into the schedule yesterday. The Skippy community seems to have things pretty well organized, there are only 3 tracks in question:
  6. Check out the official Skip forum on iRacing, specifically the one titled "track rotation" by Martin Peck. Every season, Martin holds a vote as to which tracks everyone wants the following season, and then submits the final tallies to iRacing. The result of that vote is more or less what the following season looks like, so that thread will at least give you an idea of what to expect next season.

    Edit: I just realized I basically repeated what Bakkster said in his post. But either way, check out the forum.
  7. yep, take advantage of the bulk discount now, keep it in the piggy bank and buy the stuff once the schedule is out. being a thrifty chap, that's what i have done in the last 24 months,
    but of course all the discount talk is nonsense since we are not dealing with a market at all, but with a monopolist (though not as greedy a monopolist as some disgruntled chaps would make us believe)..
  8. hi kauff, community schedule has been sent to iRacing, usually they take it and change one track or none at all. so better not start buying now, but this gives you a fair idea of the things to come:

    "Update: Here is the schedule I'll be asking Tony to put on for us next season.

    1. Okayama full (14 laps)
    2. Silverstone southern (19 laps)
    3. New Hampshire road with south oval (21 laps)
    4. Oulton Park international (13 laps)
    5. Laguna Seca (15 laps)
    6. Brands Hatch grand prix (15 laps)
    7. Zandvoort club (21 laps)
    8. Mid Ohio full (16 laps)
    9. Sonoma long (14 laps)
    10. Summit Point full (19 laps)
    11. Bathurst (10 laps)
    12. Circuit of the Americas grand prix / full (laps tbc)

  9. PaulH

    Premium Member

    I just bought the skippy(with that offer atm), what a lovely car to drive, handling feels great, will run this next season too ;)
  10. preliminary schedule is out http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3246568.page

    skip barber:

    Week 1 (2014-04-29) Okayama International Circuit - Full Course 14 laps
    Week 2 (2014-05-06) Silverstone Circuit - Southern Local 19 laps
    Week 3 (2014-05-13) New Hampshire Motor Speedway - Road with
    South Oval 21 laps
    Week 4 (2014-05-20) Oulton Park Circuit - International 13 laps
    Week 5 (2014-05-27) Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - 15 laps
    Week 6 (2014-06-03) Brands Hatch Circuit - Grand Prix 15 laps
    Week 7 (2014-06-10) Zandvoort - Club 21 laps
    Week 8 (2014-06-17) Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Full 16 laps
    Week 9 (2014-06-24) Sonoma Raceway - Long 14 laps
    Week 10 (2014-07-01) Summit Point Raceway - 19 laps
    Week 11 (2014-07-08) Mount Panorama Circuit 10 laps
    Week 12 (2014-07-15) Circuit of the Americas - Grand Prix 12 laps
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  11. Nice to see CotA in there, and for the season to end somewhere other than Interlagos (I like Interlagos, but it was getting a bit repetitive). Happy to see Laguna on there as well.
  12. my favorite is the new hampshire roval, a crazy twisty section and a flat oval, great mix.
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  13. Is it plausible to know the weather a couple weeks prior. I wanted to possibly get my team to practice for the first Super Late Model race at New Smyrna and create a stable setups, etc. with no interruption. But is weather only available a day or so before the official races?
  14. out of my league here, but bakkster will know for sure.
  15. In other words, not a single way to check weathers from Season 2 schedule before they get released on the site.
  16. Nope, weather is never part of that PDF.
  17. and what did i say ...
    thx bakkster, the mister-in-depth-knowledge of iRacing. much appreciated.
  18. I'm thinking of re-subbing to try out the truck and b-car on new tires...what track is the fixed series running this week?

    I mean next week, I know it's week 13 now
  19. Week 1 is Daytona for the Truck, and Talladega for the Impala Class B. :)