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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Good fun at all:thumbsup:
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  2. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Race 1 was fun with some battles here and there Race2 is finished at lap1:( after incident and damage repair the time lost was a bit so I managed the race for make 29laps :)

    Congratulations Winners and all us :thumbsup:
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  3. Another exciting event, thanks to everyone who showed up, and the race organizer :) I'm not very happy with my performance this round.

    Just like in Austria it didn't work for me.. 6 tenths slower than my pb that I felt was not that hard to reach, is not acceptable at all. I have a new wheel and pedals and I'm not completely used to it yet. I surprised myself yesterday by setting a new pb but today it didn't work. 6th on the grid.

    RACE 1
    Did a good start but couldn't get past anyone. I was hit behind in T4 but lost only one or two places I think. However I had some light damage or/and flat spot. When I had climbed up to 5th again, I had Artyom in front of me, but he had better pace than me. Towards the end of the race I saw he catched the leader pack and the gap to them was constant, I couldn't catch them. In the final laps someone spun in T4 and I gained one place. Finished 4th, overall a quite uneventful race for me with no battles.

    RACE 2
    Another quite uneventful race, at least most of it, mainly because of an early pitstop. Green lights surprised me and I did a really bad start. The two cars I had behind me overtook me. I gained a few positions from people who made mistakes and crashed, but really difficult to overtake. In 11th position I followed Sean and David and it felt like we couldn't get anywhere.. Then on lap 5 (I think) I had to lock the brakes to avoid crashing into Sean in T3 and it made me spin. Lost 1 place and had big flatspots. I decided to pit and then drive to finish, if possible. About 10 laps later Sean came out from the pits right in front of me again and with my already worn, but hot tires compared to his cold, I managed to overtake him. But it wasn't for long, and I knew that.. I finished about 15 seconds behind him, I think, and 25-30 behind the winner - and with only 25% thread left on the tires:O_o:

    My new T500 wheel has really good ffb compared to my old G27 and the pedals are great, but the default rim must be replaced. Can't race modern openwheelers with it.. The paddles are not moving and that is annoying, but also there are no good buttons for DRS and stuff. And in the middle of the races my TrackIR decided to mess with me, resulting in me throwing it across the room and driving rest of the race without any possibility to look around, and that didn't feel good at all. So after all this hardware issues I'm quite happy with the races.. Well, I have to be ;) See you all next time, I hope!:geek:
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  4. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Qualifying - 3rd :)

    Was in 2nd for much of the session trying to put together a lap that could rival Georg's time, but at the end it was Heiko who beat us both, Grats Heiko

    Race 1 - 1st :)

    Mainly this race was about following and staying close to wait for a mistake from the guys in front, our pace was all very close and a few times I got close to attack but could never attempt a pass, my race all changed on lap 10 when the front guys had an incident and i managed to get through and take the lead for the last 2 laps.

    Race 2 - 1st :)

    Over the moon to come from last place to win the race, I deffo lucked into a few passes, and took advantage of others mistakes but I also managed to be very consistant (for me) in this race, putting in good laps most of the time in both stints. I gained the lead around lap 11 i think and set about opening a gap to Artyom, I had no clue if Artyom was 0 stopping or 1 stopping so I let him plan my strategy, if he pitted I would and if he didnt then I'd have an extremely fun end to the race with worn tyres. Thankfully Artyom did pit on lap 14 and I breathed a sigh of relief and went in for mine the very next lap. From then on I managed to stay in front and even pulled more of a gap in the later stages but it was none the less sweaty and hard going :)

    Grats to the podium places in both race, thanks to all who turned up the numbers are making a huge diffrence to the enjoyment we all get from racing. We now have the summer break but the next part of the season is gonna be great fun we have so many guys who are close in pace now and we have fights all through the grid.
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  5. Very disappointed...Just at the end of warm up my internet connection went down,:mad: only came back up this morning. Very rarely I have issues like this so i guess I cannot complain, just so frustrated after putting in a lot of effort, gradually improving my times and consistency.

    Congrats to the winners and all the participants. Even though I missed last nights race I have to say that I am enjoying the camaraderie with you peeps, plus have reconnected with quite a few drivers who I used to race with some time ago, in my opinion the quality of the drivers is high, track etiquette and all that, makes the whole thing worth while and most enjoyable.:thumbsup:

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  6. It's ok, we can have a rematch at the next one @Bret :D
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  7. Nice one...;)Oh yes April.:thumbsup:

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  8. Q I was extremely happy with the time, 139.7, not sure where I started it was 8th 9th or 10th.

    R1. 9th. An average start by me, and then an unusually troublesome lap 1, I had 2 bumps in sector 1, a small one with Rikard, a bigger one with Anton, then later in sector 2 a huge one with Peter Decker, who had spun out and was flailing about helplessly in the esses. I took a bit of care when I saw the action happening ahead, maybe I could of lifted a little bit more maybe and played it a bit safer. I thought I was going to get through it but I didn't, a massive wreck and poor Peter was getting a heavy dose of what I call the 'Mike Tyson Treatment'. Hit after hit! My car was damaged, a horrible lap 1 for me, and I was down to 18th. The car was not good after that but tbh I was lucky not to be totally wrecked, a recovery drive only from then on, I was happy enough to finish 9th in the end.

    R2. 5th. Another average start, I make a few places on lap 1 and have no trouble. With the reverse grid, I was looking to get going, put in good laps, keep the tyres nice and make the most of it whilst the fast guys are struggling to come through the field. It worked out great, I can't remember what happened except I keep on pulling overtakes, and soon I am in the lead! And I stayed in the lead for a long time. Heiko was catching me, and the other fast guys are still way back, it took Heiko quite a few laps, soon as he did catch me we have big issue immediately in Copse corner (as mention in incidents thread) that was a big shame for us both especially Heiko. My nice run was a bit dented and tyres not so good anymore, but I was still in the lead and started to pull away from 2nd again. After a while the fast guys are upon me, it was David Turnbull, Hangar Straight, in the DRS zone I went to defend but I thought he was too far back to pull a move that time so I moved back over to racing line. I was wrong about that! I got busted and lost the lead, it didn't matter much David was going to over take me soon anyway, I just wanted to have no costly issues with the fast guys coming through. I was getting dreamy of prospect of holding onto a 3rd place podium finish as david slotted in front of me, I was on the gas behind him, nothing was wrong, everything was normal and I spun it right there and then! And into the wall too. It was a real disappointment, I did not expect it in the slightest. I see on replay I did put the rear left on the kerb and that's all it was. Well it was a damn shame, I carried on and finished 5th which was still great. 14s Down on Rikard in 4th, The unnecessary crash was bad but I don't think it cost me 14s so prob 5th was the best I could do anyway.

    A great night of racing, too bad about Brets disco, see you all next time :)
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  9. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    1st of great to be back im still as busy as ever but decided with the exciting new influx of new guys I had to make this race and glad i did.

    Race 1 6th
    Race 2 3rd

    Some great racing through the race really sorry to Juan for causing his spin only bad point really.

    I'll keep it short but was some great racing with, Alex , Artyom, Cosimo, Peter, David, Rikard and probably more just ones i can remember atm :)

    Congrats to Davids for wins and everyone who finished :thumbsup:
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