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Search function

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by CiciMiciKILLER, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. CiciMiciKILLER


    I already started this discussion with admins of Facebook page so here's my problem and answer.
    Me: Hello guys, I just have a quick question (suggestion maybe). Is there any chance to fix the "search" feature on your web? The thing is, that i.e. I'm trying to find a skin for "e30" and it says keyword is too short. It's really anoying to browse through all skins. Thanks in advance, have a nice day!

    RD: tried google search

    Can't beat google

    Me: Well, i can to this, but if I should do this, why do you even have search function on your site? I mean, It's 2014 and your search engine can't find words of 3 letters? I can't even search for BMW and I would like to be able to search for BMW on site called racedepartment you know

    I'll shorten my question: Will I be able to search a 3 letter word on your web ever? Yes or No? Thanks
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  2. Bram

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