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Skins Scuderia Ab Motorsport 1.0

AB Motorsport

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  1. Great... superb work, thank you:thumbsup:
  2. Awesome Livery I noticed the front wing End plate you have not changed with the Kumho Tires logo on ,,,
    I have Noticed on about 3/ out of the 4 liveries I have been working on there is quite a few bad spots on the Wireframes the UVW Mapping on these Skins is Terrible ,
    I think it Might be intentional not too Sure :thumbsup:
  3. thats right the mapping on these skins is terrible but i found other pics with the kumho logo on it so i decided to leave them on
    tnx btw for the good review:thumbsup: cla_0450.jpg
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  4. I Have an Awesome Lotus Skin I had been working on , One side I place a Logo the UVW Mapping is Perfect on the Opposite side in the Same place it is a Joke , I like my Skins perfect I was going to Share it but Just that one thing Put me off Finishing it , I have noticed on nearly every skin I have messed with Its Terrible , I think this is why they said wait for Kunos Templates :thumbsup:
  5. Yesterday I Made a Black Showroom for Myself to Make Official Looking Kunos Pictures Do you think that You or Others would like the Black Showroom Edition ? :thumbsup:
    black showroom test.jpg
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  6. The lighting is perfect on it on every part of the Shots:thumbsup:
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  7. i think the black showroom is very good for the preview pics in game:)
  8. if i had only the 3d models i can make the most beatiful render pics with keyshot:giggle: