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screenshots in PNG with F8, I want it in JPG

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Cedric Germain, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    since some days, if I press F8 to take screenshots, then in My documents folder, the screenshots taken are in PGN (it's heavier and some textures are missing).
    In the past, they were in JPG and it was great.

    In the internet, I found this:

    update 0.4:

    -Screen capture (F8) allows to select screenshot between PNG,JPG,BMP

    How can I have my screenhots in JPG again?

    Thank you

    PS: I know I can take screenshots with F12 via Steam, but I would like to do it with F8

    EDIT: seen on the official forum:


    there's an option to change format between JPG, BMP and PNG.
    THis happends when you save them using F8

    I will try it tonight.
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  2. Actually PNG is quite a light format.. try saving as BMP then see the difference. Also JPG is a very lossy format (lower quality) than any other image format around, thats why its such a small filesize. you will often get bad areas in a jpg image, you wont in PNG or BMP.

    Also i dont see how a png snapshot (or any other format snapshot) can make anything loose a texture. Its not saving a car its just taking a picture of the screen you can do the same if you pressed "PrtScn". And it certainly didnt remove any textures when i just tried taking a snapshot by pressing F8

    What textures did it seem to remove when you tried?
  3. If you take screenshots with HDR off it does weird things and loses textures
  4. open image editor (Gimp is free, but all kinds)

    File > Save As... (Gimp: Export As)

    choose JPG as format. Done.
  5. Not worth another thread but I have an issue with the F8 shots, my screen cap actually captures the 'white' image when the screen signifies you have taken the shot. Wtf is that all about? I use steam, but wonder whats up with the game?
    Premature shutteration?
  6. hehehe

    There are other ways around taking pics, you have always got the steam snapshot thing and like in most stuff you could probably press the print screen key and then load up photoshop and paste whats in the clipboard into photoshop..

    I was messing about earlier with the different ways to take pics. i did F8 for photmode, i also activated the DEV photomode app that lets you play with all sorts of settings before taking the pic, i tried using fraps to take a screen shot and i also tried Bandicam to take a pic, i can't really say ive had any problems with any of them, they all produced decent images, none seemed and different really..
  7. All this F8, F12, Print Screen business..

    I just use my phone.

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  8. :roflmao: potato-vision pictures
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