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Screen turns red

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Alex155, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. above at all, i want to say as English is not my native language, so sorry for mistake.
    I buy f1 2011 game, and i can't play.. i have PC.Problem is when i start race.. at my pc show all this RED color, and other start in race..and after they start, i can me i go..Sorry for all mistake, but if you don't understarnd anything, ask..
    I want more to play.

    Regards Alexandru B.
  2. try the settings in you keyboard, d-pad, whatever you play with.
  3. I do not understand can be more understood
  4. What nationality are you? Maybe someone who speaks your language can help.

    Do you mean when you start a race the screen / display goes red?
  5. I think when the lights go out the others go and he has some kind of lag and the game lets him go a second later or something. But I don't know if it's this, I can't understand him neither. :D
  6. I notice he has posts in some mod threads, maybe its a mod issue?

    Try removing any mods / modifications.
  7. I'm from Romania.
    others start when the race starts before I left and I can not because I do not allowred red color from start!Damn, i can't to explain..I hope understend..
  8. Exactly..I had some mod's.Now,i trying uninstall game..Thanks.
  9. Take out your mods and tell us what happens.
  10. Edit. Same problem, i reinstalled, no mods..and low performance.I idk what happening.If anybody know, please need helps.
    //LE. I had Windows xp SP3 Intel Pentium 2.66G 268 GHz .2GB RAM.It's enough for online?
  11. Problem only with multiplayer online game?
    Is your career mode / TT ok?
  12. Yes.Only Online..
  13. Ah, well then its either -

    1. Database mod which does not allow online
    2. Firewalled

    Most probably firewalled. How is your internet / network setup?
  14. You can be more exactly.You want know my Pc performance or?
  15. Try these steps......

    1. Turn off Windows Firewall
    2. If you run a 3rd party firewall, make sure you add rules to allow F1 2011.exe access (incoming & outgoing) to the right ports.
    3. Turn off uPNP on your router (if on) and then manually setup the same ports on your router to be forward to your PC, either by name or IP address (depends on router and whether you have static or dynamic IP set on your PC)

    These are the ports - you need to tell your firewall software to allow access to F1 2011.exe, and tell your router to allow access to your PC

    TCP port 80.
    UDP and TCP port 3074.
    UDP port 88
    UDP and TCP port 53
    TCP port 443

    Once you 'think' you have done it right, download this little bit of software and check the ports are truely open -

    That site above also gives good information on how to forward ports for most popular routers if you are unsure how it all works.

    One other alternative for a quick connectivity test is to bypass your router if possible, use a LAN cable, turn off all your firewalls and security and try it that way - just to be sure thats its your network setup thats the problem, and not you ISP.

    Shout if you need more help mate.
  16. I dont understend why turn firewall Off, is say not recomanded.Don't try yet, but thanks you for your help
  17. Sorry for Duble post

    BUt you think it works with CPU: Intel Pentium 820D 2,66 GHz and 2GB Ram , and video card nVidia GeForce GTS 450.
    Can confirm or not?
  18. You said 'only online'. PC spec would effect offline game too.
    Although I do not understand the red screen you mention, if the game is crashing on the grid for online only, and your game is not modded, then it must be network, unless I am way off.

    If it is not your network settings / firewall then I can't help anymore.

    Hopefully someone from Romania with good English can come and help us out! :)
  19. " if the game is crashing on the grid for online only" exactly ...
  20. Then it is not your PC spec.

    Go to this link - http://portforward.com/help/portcheck.htm
    Download and install the app.

    Test these ports -
    TCP port 80
    UDP port 3074
    TCP port 3074
    UDP port 88
    UDP port 53
    TCP port 53
    TCP port 443

    If they are 'Not Open' then you need to follow my instructions in my earlier post above.