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Screen Lag and Resolution Problems

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Sion Williams, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    New to the forum and found what I can see useful but am having a few problems with lag and getting a decent screen resolution.

    Basically when I installed the game and got it running and it was very smooth. But since trying to get a better screen resolution and getting it to work on my TV it has become very laggy ( :S if thats a word ). I know how to adjust all the settings in the relevant files, and have tried a few different combos to get it to work but to no avail. Anybody have any settings they know that work for all 3 files (RichardBurnsRally.ini , config.ini and Fixup.ini) or failing that the original settings so I can change it back to what it was and go from there. Think I changed them all at once but can't remember what they were!

    BTW have tried the settings said in the FAQ but they don't work.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I have no experience with running RBR on a TV screen, but can you post your screen resolution?
    It might help.

    I don't have a config.ini file. :confused:
  3. If the config.ini you mention is related to CamHack, you can delete it. It has been a cause of some lag for me, and I imagine it might be bad enough to ruin the experience on a huge screen.
  4. Try opening your PC case and get you vacuum cleaner in there! Prolly just your CPU and/or graphics card overheating.

    Hope that's all it is :)
  5. Is your TV on gaming mode? Most TV add alot of lag because they process the image and whatnot.
    Playing a game like RBR on a big tv without a gaming mode can be quite difficult since ur reacting on what happened like 100ms ago :)
  6. Thanks for your replies, sorry about the lack of details I was a bit sleepy!

    Right, the TV I'm using is one with a PC input, so it's basically a big monitor! The resolution is 1920 x 1080 when connected to the computer.

    The computer it's self is a laptop with 1280 x 800 resolution and before trying to get it to work with the TV was running silky smooth. But with the previous settings, when I connected it to the TV the same stayed the size it was on the laptop so pretty pointless!

    The config.ini file I was talking about is the one mentioned here in the FAQ sticky:

    From the FAQ's it should work as the setup described in there matches my TV but it doesn't seem to like it. And to note, the game is also laggy when used on just the laptop now as I've messed around with it to much I imagine!

    Thanks for your help
  7. Use just FixUp, the CamHack bit is not needed anymore.

    Delete config.ini, if you haven't saved anything else you need there, change the resolution back to the original laptop values, and it should be fine. Then try again, but without CamHack; just change the resolution, and set fix aspect ration in fixup.ini

    Have you used the TV for any other form of gaming? I do fear they might have inherent lag in them.
  8. Thanks, I'll give it a go tomorrow.

    I use the TV with my PS3 and it has a 'Game' scene setting and it's an internet enabled TV so has quite a high frame rate. Trying the 'Game' setting helped a bit. But playing around with it I've found a setting that seems to work quite well, still not 100% tho. What I've done is reduced the resolution on the screen not game, changed the game back to the original settings, and zoomed the TV in on the picture so it fits the screen. What I think the problem was is that the on-board graphics card of the laptop could not cope with the higher resolution of the TV, so making the resolution smaller, but zooming in on it has solved that problem, well a little!

    Thanks for your help! Just a few other problems to sort now!
  9. Ah, well that's probably it then. Laptop graphics cards generally have trouble running games at your native resolution, let alone HD
  10. Senad is right. Before I got my current computer (iMac) I used to use an HP Laptop with a screen resolution of 1280x800. It was pretty bad, but it could play games that weren't that graphically intensive (rFactor, Race 07, GTL etc.) it would be perfectly fine :)

    However, when I connected it to the HDTV via an HDMI cable and tried to run at 1920x1080, it went kinda fuzzy and laggy, impossible to play games on... However, upon lowering the resolution outputted to the TV to the laptop's native resolution (1280x800), it was all good again! It even still looked pretty good :)

    This feels like deja vu to me :eek:
    your laptop doesn't happen to be an HP? :rolleyes: