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Schifty's 1997 Team Garage

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Steven Poirier, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. "Its look really hard to put screen shot of your work
    we dont care screen are in the WIP, After 2 month, people will need to find it in every page on this tread... so be Professional and put screen after upload"

    So this is what YOU say in Hans Pohles Maserati RP 1958 1.5 NEW - Thread.
    I think thats not fair, if you do the same thing !
    Many of your Downloadlinks are in WIP- Thread, why do you open another without any pictures, if they also in WIP ?:thumbsdown:

    But your work is great !:thumbsup:
  2. WIP Tread for everyone has 100 pages.. mind has 5 ;) a big difference. The problem i cant show 24 helmet for the Helmet download.. same for pitcrew etc.... i have already made it on the 1997 WIP.

    And my WIP tread has all link for downloading the full mod as far is finish. So dont think someone will download just this garage skin without the rest of the mod ;) This is an other reason why im not putting screenshot

    But thank for your comment
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  3. Understood ! Sorry and Thanks again !:thumbsup:
  4. This is amazing...day by day,step by step.this is a fantastic work.Thank you again!:thumbsup:
  5. chianamik


    What is missing to finish this beautiful work? :)))))
    ....non_persistent file......b_loading......persistent file..........great job Schifty!!!!!.....amazing total work!!!!!....I think that your work can be seen as the first complete vintage mod season for f1 2012
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  6. chianamik


    Amazing Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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