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SBK 08

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Jarrod Crossley, May 9, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Expected Release Date: 7/06/2008

    Special Features

    • 5 racing styles to choose from include the adrenaline fuelled action of Arcade Mode and the challenging Full Simulation settings
    • 6 games modes include Instant Action (one click and you're racing) and full championship weekends across the 2008 season
    • Interact with your Race Team mechanic in the pit lane to pick up insider hints and tips to optimise your performance
    • Chose any bike and any track to challenge your friends or rivals online
    • Opponents with real rider A.I. - they'll race, swerve and even crash, you'll need your brains and reflexes to beat them
    • Accurate bike physics, sound effects and 4 weather conditions to fully reflect the WSBK championship

    Feel the exhilaration, speed and adrenaline rush in the only official game of the world's fastest production vehicle race - the Word Superbike Championship. Live the WSBK experience from starting grid to podium. Handling, acceleration, and control that delivers a breath taking racing experience - for racing game fans everywhere.
  2. Sbk 08 [PS3]

    anyone have it????
  3. U mean mean SBK world super bikes..not out i dont think till 1st of august
  4. SBK08: Superbike World Championship [Xbox360]

    The SBK08: Superbike World Championship demo is now available online for download from the Xbox Marketplace. The demo offers a taste of the game by allowing players to sample 2 tracks and all the riders and motorbikes, with the ability to change weather and alter the bike’s handling. That’s a pretty cool demo if you ask me. Check it out now.
  5. I got the full game..and got to say it's very good ....:thumb:
  6. Roy have been playing the demo and it's quite fun. Thinking of buying it
  8. Roy I have tried bazbulldog but apparently you don't exist
  9. i downloaded the demo and i cant figgure out why they let you be 20mph faster than everyone else on the striaghts
  10. Neil Farren

    Neil Farren

    Anyboy who owns the game willing to do a mini review. I downloaded the demo and liked what I saw. Is it worth getting?
  11. I d/l demo looks very nice and fast...hope i can hang on to those handlebars

  12. What is your live user name ...If not try puting a space baz bulldog ..
  13. XBGTraumaticBen
  14. has anybody played this game already????
  15. hi there

    hello my friends i have this game

    but for teel u the true dont like it very much to much arcade

  16. i purchased this game and from the off i really could'nt control the bike.
    firstly it's not using six axis (sticks only)and the throttle control is'nt very variable,it seems either full throttle or off.
    steering very frustrating also,turn to early and your on the grass,turn to late and your in the gravel.
    i gave this game one night and really got bored as i couldn't put one clean lap in unless i went round in 2nd or third gear and bearing in mind it was auto gears.
    i'm to much of a car racing fan to really comment but i've played moto gp and that was fun this wasn't so took game back.
  17. I hope it's as good as MOTO GP08.