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Safety Car Fix "mod"

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by remydeleeuw, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. ============Safety Car Fix "mod" ============ [​IMG] ============Safety Car Fix "mod" ============
    After 12 patches and still no fix, i decided to fix it myself. With a lot of research i discovered how the SC system works, Remy started helping me and we are fixing the Safety Car system for all tracks. Since the "SC system" detects a crash on the track using a "trigger system" it needs to be fixed for each track
    ====Mod info====
    1. All tracks done
    2. Car recovery - AI cars with punctures and damaged broken wings will not retire, they will return to the pits for replacements + the ai cars have now a 5% chance theire engine will stall at race start.
    3. Safety Car changes: SC chance - max
    SC faster and the "leader" will folow it closer
    ====Mod progress====
    Changes :
    Default / Modded
    Abu Dhabi 35 / 144
    Bahrain: 4 / 179
    China: 4 / 237
    Hockenheim 40 / 127
    Hungary 25 / 242
    India: 12 / 241
    Interlagos 43 / 153
    Korea: 20 / 321
    Malaysia: 15 / 244
    Melbourne 13 / 207
    Monaco 48 / 199
    Montreal 36 / 119
    Monza 35 / 110
    Silverstone 27 / 326
    Singapore: 24 / 369
    Spa Francorchamps: 38 / 305
    Spain: 23 / 284
    Suzuka 42 / 274
    Texas 0 / 114
    Valencia 53 / 177
    Mod made by:
    Roberto (Bob Back)
    Alpha testing:
    (Bob Back)
    And all of you guys here offcourse :)
    This mod is updated with patch12 files, without patch 12 this mod can cause errors so make sure your game is up to date. Copy the tracks, database and ai folder to your f1 2012 installation folder (Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2012) And overwrite when asked.
    Make sure you backup your original tracks folder before installing this mod. Your old save can be corrupted by using this database.bin - Backup your save before database changes
    Notice : This mod can't be used to play online
    To all the modders that wan't to use this mod in your own mod.
    Just give us (Roberto Costa, WillsB3, driveroz247 and Remydeleeuw) Credits and put the original link to this thread in the first post of your thread. And don't forget to send a pm when you're planning to do it.

    >>>>>>>>>> Download final version <<<<<<<<<<

    ============================================================ You wan't more realism, more damage and parts flying around? Realistic Damage Mod and Safety Car Mod partnered, to give you the most realistic experience of F1 2012 drama and thriller ever! None of your career's races will be boring now. Welcome to the real world of action. >>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<<
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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Yes! Thank you so much Remy and all the modders who worked and helped with this mod! You're all amazing!
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  3. thanks. Is this thesame as RC1 or an updated version?
  4. This is the final version.

    Little changes are made but only in the track folder.

    So if you have rc1 installed, just copy the tracks folder from this version and you're done :)
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  5. Forgot to rename the folder inside the rar.
    Changed it now
  6. got it. thanks for the update:thumbsup:
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  7. Thanks guys great job!
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  8. Thank you and your team for this great stuff. Many many thanks:thumbsup:
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  9. To all the modders that wan't to use this mod in your own mod.
    Just give us (Roberto Costa, WillsB3, driveroz247 and Remydeleeuw) Credits and put the original link to this thread in the first post of your thread. And don't forget to send a pm when you're planning to do it
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  10. If you have any questions about the tracks themselves and their trigger points, you can ask me directly about them, as this is the part of the mod I was involved with and completed. Specifically any of the following tracks I can help with: Suzuka, Silverstone, Hungary, Spa Francorchamps, Korea, India, China, Malaysia, Bahrain, Spain (Catalunya), Singapore.

    The remaining tracks were modded by Roberto Costa. You may forward any questions about them to him, or in his current absence any of the rest of us.

    Car recovery, SC chance and SC speed - best to address any questions you may have to remydeleeuw himself ;)
  11. What exactly was changed in the database? to know if i can include your values to my database (i have my own 2013 mod, i dont want to lose my values)

    I mean, ai_driver, difficulty, etc.... was changed, to compare it with my database!

    Many Thanks! :roflmao:
  12. In the safety car chance tab everything to 1, max safety car count everything to 4
    in the track models tab, max sc chance to 1 and max sc count to 4
  13. Thanks, my problem is i have my 2013 database with top team in carrer, when i use this database i can use my profiles :D only i need to made that changes? thats all? and off course use the other files (ai. tracks)
  14. Great work ;)
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  15. Yes, this is the only changes you need to make in the database, and use the other files.
  16. Thank you! :laugh:
  17. Hey remy is there a setting that determines the minimum lap that a safety car can come out on? I've had some good wrecks at Monaco lately on the first lap, yet the safety car doesn't seem to want to come out...
  18. Hey Kyle.
    No sadly that feature is coded into the exe.

    We're still looking at it but it won't be east and when we can fix it, it won't be a part of this mod but a psrt of the realism overhaul mod
  19. Ah bummer, oh well no biggie.
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