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Running out of fuel on (pen)ultimate lap / Bahrain, Shakir

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by majmun12, May 22, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anyone had this issue or has a suggestion how to fix it.

    For three times in a row I ran out of fuel on the ultimate or penultimate lap. One time three corners before finish.

    - First season; First race - Bahrain, Shakir
    - Torro Rosso
    - All aid 'off'; All sims 'on'; Opponents' level professional; 50% race distance (25 laps on Shakir)
    - PS3 + G25

    I finished one season on a previous console (witch broke) and this thing never happened.
    I tried two rather different setups, one intentionally slow, with same result. It's first race of first season so no engine maps options (standard).
    Three laps before the end (23 of 25) I would get a yellow fuel warning and on the last lap I'd go into red and cruise that lap at 99km/h. Entire time the pit crew remains silent and they even continue to give the pep talk. Last time I really took it easy (about 1 sec of the pace) and didn't mess with rear wing.
    I'm aware that riding style has an effect on fuel consumption but I always pushed the car without any such problems. Although, I don't redline it constantly and I take care of the engine temperature.

    It's quite frustrating when an hour of carful and tense driving goes to waste.
    Especially when it happens three times.

    I'd like to hear some opinions before turing fuel simulation 'off'.
    (AI is certainly not affected by it)

  2. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    So do you not even have the 'cruise' setting that you could switch to for a few laps just to give you the leeway you need to get to the end. Changing gears a little earlier can save some fuel and of course preventing wheel spin as well but not sure how much that will save you.
  3. You don't have any upgrades including engine mapping settings in 1st race of the season.
  4. My only guess would be to make a pit stop! Other than that i would say save the engine so that it doesn't go into red too often.
    Other one would be to do it 20% for now and get it over with!

    Just wanted to know... why cant we choose the amount of fuel that goes into our car?
  5. Easy to stop this, do not use the Fast Map Setting for 100% of the race, use Standard map setting for at least 25% of it, and you wont run out of fuel
  6. @Kyle: In the first race of the season none of Throttle Map settings are unlocked! Fast setting is unlocked almost at the end of the season generally.
  7. Try to shift on lower revs. Be easy on the throttle during corners exit- this will also save your tires. Set your final gear a bit higher - do not drive in "the red zone" for a long period of time.
  8. Thanks for the input fellas.

    At the end, I didn't want to risk one more DNF on the last lap, so I turned the fuel simulation off.
    It turns out this gives you quite an advantage as my race pace was 2 seconds faster.
    Finished a boring race 30 sec in font of 2nd man.

    I could have tried to be easier on the throttle but I don't think this would've saved me 3 laps worth of fuel.

    We'll see if this appears again in Melbourne.

  9. One other thing is that is to take the 2-stop strategy if you are using a 1-stop strategy. And place the two stops cleverly so that you dont lose out on track position.
  10. How would an extra pit stop help when there is no refueling?
  11. I used to have this problem too, and I race 100% race distance so it's even more frustrating. I even put this problem to the testers at Codies directly (in person - I used to work there), and they had no idea.

    I carefully studied my driving style. Turns out I wasn't fully releasing the throttle when braking - happened because I race two-footed in this game (right foot on throttle, left foot on brake). So I was always using a bit of throttle even when braking.

    Started again and was very careful about fully removing my right foot while braking and problem solved. Takes a little more discipline, but it's good practice :)

  12. That actually makes a lot of sense.
    I'm defiantly guilty of not releasing the gas entirely on the braking.
    I'll give it a try if the 'problem' reappears.

    It's a shame there is no telemetry readings in this game.