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Rubbered in racing line

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Simon Rizzo, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Searched everywhere for a fix to track not having worn rubbered racing line.....anyone?
  2. I think its either a case of putting in the pre-patch 'postprocess.pssg' or adding the '<track_info_system type="gpu" />' line to your hardware.config file in My Documents. (or maybe both).

    Im sure someone will clarify the fix here.
  3. Thanxs heaps paul...ive seen alot of "wanna be" fixes but none without extra problems...
  4. I know for sure the postprocess file sorts out the pixilated raindrops after the 1.01 patch.

    Adding <track_info_system type="gpu" /> at the bottom of your 'hardware_settings_config' sorts out the puddles on the track, so maybe it also helps the rubber line.

    I use both without any unwanted side effects and seem to have a rubbered line, so I hope it helps you.

    I can up the old postprocess if you want?
  5. where can I get a copy of the pre patch postprocess file? I already tried the other method and it halved the frame rate, even on my pc which can run the game maxed out at 6ofps in a heartbeat
  6. DX9 or DX11?
  7. if no trouble be appreciated...im not as handy on computer as id like to be..too busy playing games and call up a brother for the tech stuff but am getting better and not completely hopeless

    thanks paul
  8. Well, backup the originals, unzip the file from the link above and then go to your F1 2010 folder navigate to....

    DX9>Shaderpack and replace the 'postprocess.pssg'


    DX11>Shaderpack and replace the 'postprocess.pssg'

    Assuming you are running Win7 and want to try the hardware file fix...

    Navigate to = My Documents\My Games\FormulaOne\hardwaresettings

    Open 'hardware_settings_config.xml' (using wordpad)

    Down at the bottom, add the following (in bold) to the 2nd to last line....

    <motion enabled="true" ip="dbox" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="0" />
    <track_info_system type="gpu" />
  9. Thanks Paul, i just overwrote the old post process files for Direct X 9 and 11 and put the "" at the end of the config file, i will test it when the kids are in bed and see how it goes.
  10. already added that to the config file, but framerate takes a hit. is there no definitive way around this?
  11. I don't think there is anyway to get that much more detail without a performance hit to some degree.In a wet race last night the track surface was like a mirror - lots more things for your PC to think about. You don't get something for nothing!
  12. The problem is that before CM:s patch we had the puddles and everything else without the performance loss, after the patch and with this fix we have a loss of fps, some reports more and some have less. No way around this unless CM does a proper patch...which never will happend...
  13. my pc never had problems with it pre patch, I could max everything out and never drop below an average of 59fps. even in a full wet race off the start line in monaco.

    with this "fix" my frame rate is lower now even in dry races, than it was in a full wet race before the patch.
  14. why hasn't someone outside CM managed to pinpoint the problem and release an unofficial patch for it?
  15. Well I still had puddles without that line of XML, but the track was never as reflective as it is with the extra line. In fact, cockpit view was pretty tough with that much reflection compared to T-cam.Can't say I noticed a FPS drop last night, plus I was running Fraps. It's clear that this game isn't coded to maximise PC resources. My crossfire 4870s don't do a massive boost like with other games. Unfortunatley I guess it boils down to which makes you happier, eye candy or frame rate.
  16. Got the latest drivers for your gpu and CPU right? Or tried using the older ones when you had more frames?
    Don't overlook that a driver update could have actually lost you FPS.

    If ur running in dx9 mode make sure you have it forced in your hardware settings XML.
  17. There are some solutions that has been around for some time but I have not seen any "100% working for all configurations".
    I don't have any problems, the fps loss for me is about 5 fps and that I can live with, have not felt the need to investigate it further since all is working for me with that "quickfix".
  18. I have the latest drivers installed, they are the fastest of all the driver versions I have used, and the most stable. I have run the game in both DX9 & DX11, the problem is the same in either mode. whatever they did with the patch, something in there caused the side effect of the frame rate drop with this fix, just like it caused the disappearance of puddles and other things in the first place.