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RSRBR2011 Update 02 now released

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ashok Revanna, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Folks,

    Already there is the 2nd update!! Too early compared to the 1st update, isn't it?!
  2. What the.....?

    Importantly for the RDRC it corrects the physics of the Focus 08.
  3. 10 minutes earlier I start RSCenter, then Public Sessions, and I didn't know why it wrote that I should update the RSCenter software... Now I understood! :D :p
  4. No need for reinstalling anything?

    And how the Focus 08 has been changed, anyone?
  5. Hmmmnnn!!! That came out of nowhere. :frown:

    I think it may be ok to run this weeks Rally without Updating, but I'd highly recommend everyone to install the Update, at least it is a small one this time.
  6. I've just installed Update 02 to my second PC, and it seems to run Public Sessions ok. My older PC without the Update also seems ok to enter Public Sessions, just say "no" to the Update message.

    Therefore, I think we can run this weeks Club Rally with or without the Update, but no doubt the WRC-08 Ford may drive differently???

    I'd strongly recommend everyone Update as soon as possible though.

    EDIT: For the non French among us, the final message you get after installing the Update is:
    "No pack car must be re-download"
  7. done, testing of Focus tomorrow, cu all then
  8. All changes done before the start of the championship season it seems.
  9. Hope they didn't make that WRC 08 Focus any faster. :tongue:
  10. So just to clarify, I need to download the update 1 and then the N4_S2000_2 car pack and all the BTB Country packs and install and then run the Update 2. Is this the correct updating procedure?

    Cheers Al
  11. Yes Al, if you haven't done any updates yet.
    You don't need to do the BTB Country packs straight away unless you want to drive those soon. I haven't done those yet. If you need those for our On-line Rally's, we will highlight it in the Rally threads. You will need them for some of the RDRC S2 Rounds if you plan to join them.
    You can install Update 02 before the Country Packs, if you want to save the big downloads for those, for now.
  12. Thanks Warren, grabbed them already as I was typing my question, only a couple of hundred MB each so didn't take long. Time for some practice now :)

    Cheers Al
  13. And I hope they won't slow it down :]