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RSRBR2011 Test Rally

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. "Test Rally 2011"

    Mon 27th December 2010


    A Test Rally for RSRBR2011 - Any car across Australia and Finland


    Sessions: RD Test Rally

    Car Pack: All cars are available
    Damage: Reduced

    Stage 01: Australia -New Bobs (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 02: Australia - Greenhills (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 03: Australia - East-West (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 04: Australia - Mineshaft (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 05: Finland - Kaihuavaara (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 06: Finland - Mustaselka (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 07: Finland - Sikakama (Normal, Good, Day)
    Stage 08: Finland - Autiovaara (Normal, Good, Day)

    Europe Start: 20:00 GMT Monday *

    PLEASE NOTE: All Cars are available, so you can test various cars if you wish.

    • No Password required for this rally, so you may have public drivers join.
    • You will require the RSRBR 2011 mod in order to participate, please see the installation and Usage thread.
  2. I have set up this Rally to allow people to have a test run using the new RSRBR2011 Mod.

    I have set it up for only a European timezone, but if anyone wants another Timezone setup, please let me know.

    It is a pretty straight forward Rally, using only Australia and Finland default Stages and all good weather.

    It is set up as a non password rally, so public drivers may also join you.
    No need to officially sign up, but feel free to use this thread to help share you plans with others if you wish.

    Have fun.

    Lukasz, if you wish to set up a different rally at this time, that is fine. I did this to fill in the gap until you return and plan your rally.
  3. Won't be there, still a couple of movies behind :eek:

    At least I'll download everything I need, so I can catch up easily.
  4. Very good idea!Thank you!
  5. Maybe I'll be in time for this. A good opportunity to test RBR for real, but so far, only car that I manage to drive more than 1Km without crashing is Subaru N14 Prodrive :).
  6. Can't wait to test RBR online finally :)
  7. Yeah, let see how big your bollock are..LOL ( not then i don't know that already...:D )
  8. It's a shame for the crash utility at the start osf ss3 but for the rest of the race...well...I think that I'm ready for the next season!:wink::wink::wink::wink:
    However congratulations to Swider!!!:)
  9. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep
    Premium Member

    Glad we did a test run,could not enter online session,had to renew my subscription receive by mail just in time (3 min left to start).

    Had a few good an bad ones,a few retirements ( some one planted a tree in the middle of the road lol) one stage with only 4't gaer left, went relay wel after that (good to now).
    The Proton goose well but had fast problems with the gearbox.

    Thanks Warren was very helpful.
  10. Thanks for setting this up Warren I had a great time for my first event.

    I had my first run on gravel, my first run on snow, my first time on any of those stages and I think finished 6th overall. Only retired on one stage and I think I hit the same tree in the middle of the road that Hans did :D

    Really looking forward to getting to know the different stages so I can go a bit quicker next time.

    Cheers Al rally.gif
  11. If anyone wants another Test or fun run rally set up, let me know (and any details of cars or Stages). Most importantly, what time you prefer.

    Lukasz may plan one over the next day or so also.
  12. Would love an all Tarmac event to try. Did my results send to you I'm not sure if I needed to do anything after I finished the stages. I saved the times to myresults folder regardless if you need them.

    Cheers Al
  13. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins
    Premium Member

    HI GUYS,this is the first rally i have done.
    when i joined it took me straight to SS6 and i missed out on the earlier stages.Did i do something wrong or not have something set correctly.
  14. I can plan some also if there are some special requirements :)
  15. Kevin, it sounds like you may have joined too late. If you joined well after the scheduled start time, you would have missed the Stages run prior to that.

    This one was set up to start at 20.00GMT. That should have been 9.00AM NZ time.
  16. Yep! I just checked and all results were available on the server. I wasn't planning on posting full results for this one since it was only a test run, and you seem to have had lots of visitors join, so I don't really know who is who for our RD Clubbers (except for the regulars).

    Looks like quite a wide selection of cars used too. :cool:

    Another benefit to running this test, I found that the results are all compiled on the Server very differently to RSRBR2010, and it took me a while to figure out and understand how to find them. :work:

    It all seems to be working fine though. :)
  17. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins
    Premium Member

    Warren i joined at 9.01 am NZ time...any ideas ..looking forward to doing some more rallies
  18. Hmmmnnnn!!! I suspect a problem with synchronisation of your PC clock with the server time.
    By my estimation, for Auckland (in DST time) you would need to set your RSRBR GMT/UTC setting (under File/Settings) to +13, but RSRBR only goes as high as +12. Somehow they didn't consider NZ DST times.

    Here is what I would recommend. Set your PC clock to GMT+1 before joining a Rally, and have your GMT/UTC setting at +1. That way you should be set the same as the server (I hope ??).

    What a bummer, we need to contact Rallyesim and let them know that RSRBR2011 doesn't allow for GMT+13 to suit New Zealand daylight saving time.

    Unless anyone else has any better suggestions or ideas?? I think this is the problem. :confused:
  19. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins
    Premium Member

    Thanks Warren,i set it at +12 as that was as high as it would go.Will try your theory out.Thanks for the help .
  20. +12 will probably also work, but you wil have to change your PC clock back an hour to get it alligned to the server. At least doing that, it would be ok when Auckland goes off daylight saving time.