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RSM Racing Mod v8's v1.0 Release

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Carr, May 4, 2015.

  1. Rock Solid Mates are proud to present RSM Racing Mod v8's, which is based on the Australian V8 racing series. This is our first mod we have developed and have taken several months before we were happy enough with the mod to release it to the public. We have built the Holden, Ford, Mercedes and Nissan models from the ground up and have permission to use the Volvo model, although this will be replaced by our own model in the future. We have tried to maintain a high level of detail with our models which can push rFactor close to it's limits with fields over 35 cars.

    V8's v1.1 Download - https://mega.nz/#!FgRF1CAB!_Qwf1caVVVPWGopYvtervhqQlfd-UH6BLb3K4qcEJew

    We have compiled an add-on of the 2015 liveries from V8SC, this add-on is designed for offline use.

    2015 V8SC Real World Add-on Download - https://mega.nz/#!p05XmTob!HVvhIzzZK9MIu5jkd3C8jJo-6LT0OqEsHZXiWZ20_vg

    We are happy to receive constructive feedback and suggestions either here or on our forum at www.rsmclanau.com. Hope you enjoy.

    UPDATE - 13/05/2015
    We have completed the current phase of the 2015 V8 Supercar Skinpack for the RSM Mod v1.0, it includes most skins up until the Jayco Nissan for Winton released this morning. This pack is designed mainly for off-line racing so you can drive against the current real drivers, we have also included Talent Files for a more realistic race.

    UPDATE - 23/07/2015
    Added displayclass override, improved brake lights for some cars, corrected some UV issues, Added upgrades for hard/soft/both tyres and gear ratios, added offline season for 2015 addon.
    2015 Real World Add-on Pack v1.1 Updated 23.07.15 - Corrected some livery errors, added liveries for rounds since last release.
    Download links updated.

    RSMv8Grid.jpg RSMv8Slide.jpg RSMv8Crash.png
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  2. great work guy`s, handles well, being into skinning could not resist having a go,lol.

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  3. Don't want to be picky but why is the FG wing on the the FGX it has changed
  4. why is it the first thing people do is find fault, as far as I know the mod is WIP.
  5. Good Stuff Mick. How you find the templates?. Yes mod is still WIP. Working on improvements to Volvo and Merc Models with modeled headlights e.t.c and minor improvements to everything. Nothing is perfect first go in modding.

    Actually Look closer falcon wing shape is actually Correct apart from where it mounts onto the boot because the car was modeled before clipsal and nobody had seen the wing rear on.

    Also side note i'll have the 2015 Skins out latest tomorrow. Got the hrt ANZAC car, Lee holds car from wanneroo and i might as well do the nissan skin that was revealed and throw it in and i'm done.
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  6. Cool its a pain the keep changing skins for every round
  7. Haha Yeah. It doesn't bother me that much when they keep the design the same and only change sponsors/colours because of how i setup my PSD's. Its when they change the line work/design (like the anzac car) . It annoys the hell out of me
  8. well like all templates, they take some getting used to, did find the Falcon said unsupported format when trying to save as DDS, then noticed it had 2 alpha channels.
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  9. Excellent job! Very impressive work!
  10. First post updated -V8's v1.1 update and v1.1 of real world add-on released.
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  11. I love your work guys! nothing but praise! Myself, my Dad and his mates love this mod!! Thanks heaps for your skills, efforts, and time you've sleflessly invested into this!!
  12. could i ask if i could get a skin made 1996 HRT lowndes car please
  13. have found the mod awesome to use
  14. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Thanks guys, can't wait to test these at my new Northolt circuit!!
  15. Hi Carr, Stenny,

    Question, I just read this tread after the fact... why is the Real World Add-on not good for online use?
    Right now at R2P, we are trying to get it approved for just that.
    Racing with the "Pastel" colors kills us bad.
    And on those "Pastels", because of the different windscreen tint, like the VFs are close to 50% tint while the Nissan's windscreens are clear, If you run with a Holden, you have to run with your headlights on!!!
    The Submission tread is:

    Thanks guys
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