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Tracks [ROC] Race Of Champion Version v1

Race "super special"

  1. stazer92 submitted a new resource:

    [ROC] Race Of Champion - Race "super special"

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  2. the ktm will be right at home here. Thanks for this track
  3. stazer92 updated [ROC] Race Of Champion with a new update entry:

    [ROC] Race Of Champion

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  4. stazer92 updated [ROC] Race Of Champion with a new update entry:

    [ROC] Race of champion, add camera view

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  5. hape

    Premium Member

    hi @all
    after update of AC to 1.1.4 the cars are climbing up the boundary after they touched it. This wasn't before and now the track is undrivable. Anyone an idea what you can change to fix the problem?
  6. track doesnt work. need to change the name to roc instead of rocv1.
    also why did You name it Angleterre? instead of Great Britain?

    Edit: just loaded the track and it is nice but surely not v1.0.... perhaps You should name it v0.6 or 0.7 ?

    3d grass is almost non existent, and it has wrong colour and also is only one side.
    Road texture is very low res (please use multilayer+fresnel shader)
    Grass texture is very low res (please also use multilayer shader)

    For now this is 3 stars so we will not rate it yet.
    Please fix those graphical issues and it will be 5 stars.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
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  7. I was about to ask am I the only one who can't load the damn track. :cautious:
    Obviously I wasn't. Thanks AC TRAXX. :)
    I really can't understand how did you manage to make this huge mistake, you made it this far and then.. wrongly named the track ? C'mon... :alien:
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