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Misc Road Atlanta Cams 1.0

Road Atlanta Replay Cameras

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  1. Great work m8 can you add a video or something would be nice to see some angles you have made , before downloading the track again :thumbsup:
  2. I can make a vid, but it will have to be quite small, or it will take forever for me to upload. I'll get started on it now.
  3. done!
  4. airutonpurosuto8912


  5. cheers!
  6. I put the file in \assettocorsa\content\tracks\road atlanta\data folder and overwrote the original but cam5 is still low to the ground. What am I missing, thanks,
  7. If you want to raise the height of a camera, adjust the middle number:

    POSITION=388.56 ,-0.983536 ,-1564.46


    POSITION=388.56 , 2.983536 ,-1564.46
  8. I put the file in data folder...but it don´t work.
    I can see the car coming in the last turn. The camera stand in the pis all time!!

    ROCA..to old for this but love it...

  9. does it look like this?
  10. Yes but it not sign "ini" but when I open it´s a ini file

  11. Are all the other files there too?
  12. Yes! and this extra camera files in other tracks works Ok!

  13. mmmm, not sure what the problem could be. Save a copy of map.ini and delete the one in the data folder- see if that works
  14. Sorry....the same!

  15. Flachcrow...what can I say more than THANKS !
    and halleluja it´s perfect...now I can relax and have
    my party (Sweden celeb. midsummer this evning)
    and don´t have to think how to fix!!:):):):):)
    Just take some beers....

  16. Sounds perfect! Enjoy!!:)
  17. Hey mate...can tell me what value to adjust to zoom a camera in?...by the way...I take it you live in Adelaide?
  18. MIN_FOV=10
    controls the FOV (zooming) of the camera, best to play around a bit to see how it works

    Yes! I live in Adelaide :)