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Tracks Road America 3.4 fixed

Continuation of road america 2.5

  1. Albert McSaltens submitted a new resource:

    Road America 3.0 - Continuation of road america 2.5

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  2. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium Member

    Great, mate.
    Getting better and better :)

    Some more feedback if you don't mind: (Might post more over the weekend)
    • The wide tarmac kerbs (T1 etc.) have a lot more white stripes. Which ultimately would help with recognizing the track limits.
    • The tree on the right after the bridge (after the karussel) looks still very 2D'ish :)

    I'm sure you've seen it anyway but if not, check this:
  3. Albert McSaltens updated Road America 3.0 with a new update entry:

    Road America

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  4. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium Member

    Great update, mate.

    Loving the changes. :inlove:
  5. still not going to touch the track mesh? <snip>
    (in fact this road america is even lower resolution, (looked in 3dsimed), you can see in lilskis pic of solitude that it has a divide down the middle so its at least double as dense as here but is still unacceptably low for ac engine)

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  6. not gonna touch it, you can model your own road america with more polygon and then share to us
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  7. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: or just not bother, whats the point of driving over huge triangles, feels like
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  8. Oh look another Rainmaker in denial. Oh well, if you're happy to produce mediocre or even lower quality work then good for you.

    And no matter if I make my own conversion or not, <snip>, your's will still be a low level quality.
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  9. you guys are asking for a complete remodeling of the tarmac surface wich is basicly starting fron scratch, and that's not gonna happen.
    Because just adding polygons doesnt do anything other than taking fps down,
    If you take a plane and divide it into 10 more polygon the actual shape of the plane doesnt change.
    Do you understand?

    If you don't like this mod do not download it, its a fairly simple thing to do, meanwhile me and others will enjoy this track ;)
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  10. Pretty hilarious as it's obviously you who doesn't understand physics mesh and how it works. It has zero effects to fps. It's been explained many times in AC forums.

    Your explanation is exactly the same as Rainmakers. And he's been proven wrong many times already.
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  11. How can you tell me it has no effect? why does kunos cars have 60k polygon average, they could do 2 billion polygon and make much better cars, plus why then the need of LOD's to increase performance, using lower poly models when needed?

    Plus i already tried many more polygons and really i see less fps,
    Plus as i say, just dividing a polygon into a billion more polygons, doesn't change the object shape, it will not give you smoother surface unless, you actually remodel that surface, wich means redo the whole track? do you understand now?
    Have you ever modeled anything? guess no
  12. <Mod Edit: No need to swear like that.>
    "You may not personally attack other forum users. Malicious behavior and bullying will not be tolerated."
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  13. You do not have an idea how 3d works in a game, go and learn before telling me the polygon have 0 effect on performance,.
    Plus you don't seem to get that just adding more poly to a surface without changing its shape does nothing,

    You know what ask me for the 3d files and you add more polygons to it, and test it in game and then you tell us,, if you improve it , share to us

    mod edited - language
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  14. Funny how there's plenty of mod tracks with high resolution physics mesh and are running perfectly well.

    You still don't understand what we are trying to say to you. You're talking about visuals whereas I'm talking about invisible physical mesh of the track surface which if made correctly doesn't effect to fps.

    I've hit my head to wall enough already. You just keep living in denial and keep producing these low quality conversions.
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  15. Albert you are 100% wrong, did you even open the links i posted? they PROVE it can be done with 0 fps impact AND no need to remodel track. lilski took rainmakers equally useless solitude track, increased the resolution of the track mesh and showed the proof of it fixed before and after. he turned it from useless piece of crap to actual playable track JUST TO PROVE A POINT... its clearly not a difficult job if you are willing to look into it. he didnt even have the max files, it was probably 30 minutes of his time in total to record the video of broken track, fix it, and record video of fixed track...

    dude acting like you know it all is seriously cringeworthy when you are categorically wrong. we arent trying to take a dig at you, but the track is useless for AC right now and can be made a good addition with some small work
  16. i know what you talk about, you want a kinda laser scaned mesh with much more polygon for your physics and ffb, but what you don't understand is that when the mesh is already done, just adding polygons dont change anything, thtat would required editing the full road mesh, and the track is already done, that would mean redo it,
  17. looks guys the ones not getting it is you. i just do a mod for myself right? then once done i thought o well maybe somone would enjoy it so let's share it and whoever enjoy it, then cool
    Those who don't just do not download, im not selling anything here, jsut sharing.

    So you don't like this? you don't even need to look at this thread.

    Do you want to contribute? ok then i give you the files and you do it?, its so easy to do so....
  18. Wrong. All you need to do is cut out the road mesh from the existing max file and follow lilskis guide. he was able to do it on rainmakers solitude conversion which is in the EXACT same state as yours. so of course it is 100% possible. if you arent sure just ask lilski and he will no doubt be happy to explain.

    lol we are contributing plenty by telling you how you can make your track better (as in actually acceptable to play in AC) for yourself and the 1000s of people who downloaded it. its constructive criticism, and until now you just deny theres an issue or say its impossible, so thats why we are commenting because it seems you genuinely believe theres no issue or that nothing can be done, both of which are 100% wrong.

    if you cant get over your pride to ask lilski for help then fair enough but imo you wasted the many hours you put into this conversion as a result.
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  19. ok guys, i'll give it a test, but unless i notice better road, with no loss of fps i will not put out an update
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