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Rivals Modes

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Wayne Thomas, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. I am getting into this again. All of them ..... Looking to put us above oTYo (dream on) in the LB.

    If anyone at RDDC can tune please put Tuned carS into garage to share so I can reap the benefits of your labours! ;)

    Notice that Piggy and Ry have started picking me off ....... Time to up the ante.

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  2. Will try my best mate :thumbsup:
  3. Doing my best when i have the time for it Wayne
  4. Challenge accepted!! :)
  5. don't think you have to worry too much mate, I can't get no where near your times!!
  6. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    I'm up for the challenge too! Seeing as this is probably the only thing I'll be able to get involved in with RD for the time being...

    Anyone with any setups to share to make us more competitive will be greatfully received! :thumbsup:
  7. Exactly which Rivals events are we competing in here?

    Not that I'm gonna beat anybody, but might as well try and compete in the right ones, lol.

  8. Any one! Look for one of those oTYo muppets then race em ragged!

    I've been having a bash at the ones with stock cars this week, Ferrari 458, Mopar etc ...
  9. Spec hot laps! :)
  10. Think I just stumbled upon their team photo............


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  11. Ok let's roll with that .... Who is who

    Miss Piggy

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  13. Mr Chops say`s Miss Piggy is hot :D

    and wheres my RDDC invite :p
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  14. Good luck mate, there seems to be a 3 month waiting list!!! lol

    *I advise kicking and screaming via PM, it worked for me lol
  15. Message Tom Moreno, he's most active on here.
  16. Cheers Nigel ( PiggyMuHaHa ),

    I've been enjoying the challenges you set ...... earning some dosh in the process as well :)

    Not done much about oTYo times though .....
  17. cheers Wayne, i enjoy then to :D

    i think there also a great way to learn the fastest way round a lap.

    i just need to nail that right hander before the hairpin at Infineon, you gain so much time back on me there ;)

    my main struggle to beat oTYo`s times because i use manual clutch and having full clutch makes so much difference that i have to make the time up through the corners.
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  18. dbl post
  19. I find that with the lotus I maintain better grip by getting on the accel as soon as I lift off the brake. That last hairpin I was amazed at how sticky the car is when using this technique ...... There's more time to gain but I like earning the dosh ...... Still after the Ferrari achievement :)
  20. knocked .8 off your time at infineon Wayne :D
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