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Ricmotech pedals

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Angeltheartist, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Angeltheartist


    Does anyone use Ricmotech pedals. Would like some feedback. I'm deciding between Ricmotech 3 pedal set or Main Performance Pedals.
  2. Main pedals look awesome. Feedback seems to be great too, I would go with the MPP.
  3. I have the Real gear GTPro2 suspended 3 pedal set. They are amazing.
  4. millen


    What is the clutch like on the Ricmotech 3 pedal sets?
    Any trickery to make it more clutch like, or is it the same as the brake pedal?

    I am also trying to decide if I buy some Ricmotech's or not. Other option is HPP.
    But there isn't much info out about people having used the Ricmotech gear.

    Shaun Cole's review was very glowing towards the pedals, but that's all I've seen.
  5. Have a look at Simworx Pro GT Hydraulic Pedals. The Clutch, Brake and Accelerator all have a unique individual feel. They are simply mindblowingly good. The web site description of them is very modest to say the least. I have a set on my rig and could not be happier. The look, the feel and the control you get with these pedals is amazingly high quality. I have Sim Raced for over twenty years and have owned two mainstream pedal sets and three Highend sets which were good, however IMO the Simworx Pro Gt Pedals are sensational.
  6. Angeltheartist


    Thanks for information but shipping to the U.S ....
  7. The Brake is amazing totally real life. Shawn was correct the extra spring is needed for the Gas. Clutch is great, smooth and easy (it does not have fluid like the brake). only wish would be the clutch to be deeper (maybe it can, I haven't checked yet) as I'm trying to get this setup to 100% match my Spec Boxster. Gas and Brake are perfect, clutch is almost there.
  8. Pucky, I can help you get some extra depth into the clutch. Give me a call when you are at the pedals, I need to get some info so I can put together a some parts and send them out to you.
  9. millen


    Awesome Service right there. :)

    Just wish the cost of getting these pedals over to Australia wasn't so damn expensive... With exchange rates, shipping and import taxes etc. :(
  10. We've shipped several to Australia and we try to fill out the customs forms so its more favorable to you.
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