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Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by F1Aussie, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys

    I downloaded the rfdynhud but have no idea how to use it. I don't want to edit or create huds just use some of the ones available within it. I have read the help me numerous times and trawled the internet for some idiot proof instructions but it may a well be in swahili as none of it makes any sense to me. Can someone give me some really basic instructions on how to show hud information on the screen?


  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    First you need to install Java 6. Then just drag and drop the rfdynhud into your main GSC directory. When everything is done go to Plugins\rfDynHUD\editor and open rfdynhud_editor_launcher where you can select your resolution, and set your lay out. Save and done.
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  3. Thanks for the reply Andrew. When i go to run the launcher nothing happens, it does not show up. Would this be related to java not being installed? I presume by default java would be installed on c drive, my gsc is on f drive, does that make any difference? I have a 64bit system and was sure that i installed the 32bit one as required but i am unsure how to check this.
  4. @F1Aussie is GID/Trackmapplugin not an option for you? I switched to it from rFDynHud, and it's a bit better, as you can edit the HUD in-game. Also, you don't require Java for it, which is an added bonus.

    Only problem I had with it, was that I needed to rename my GSC.exe to rfactor.exe, which is a very minor issue, and one I can live with.

    But if you are really keen to rather use rFDynHUD, you can look at 2 things:
    - Whether you don't perhaps have Java 7 instead of Java 6 installed. This was my main reason to change to GID.
    - Whether you are using the correct d3d9.dll that rFDynHUD is looking for. This means replacing the original d3d9.dll in the root folder of the game, with the one that came with rDFynHUD.

    Without either of the above, it will never work.

    Hope this helps.
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  5. I managed to get rfDynHUD working. I also had the problem of the editor launcher not opening. I ended up finding a slightly older version that worked, as well as getting Java 6 installed and dealing with the d3d9.dll appropriately.

    The version is rfDynHUD_v1.3.0_102 which is not the latest. It includes the file "rfdynhud_editor.jar" in the "editor" folder which seems somehow important.

    For Java, make sure you have something installed at the following path:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6
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  6. Sounds good. Can you share a link, pls? And any peculiar installation instructions, perhaps. Thanks.
  7. thanks for the replies guys, i will try your suggestions out when i get a moment
  8. Hi Guys

    It would seem i have java 7 installed and not 6, i have not been able to find java 6 only on the oracle archive site where i have to create some account and give out too many personal details. Any idea where else i may be able to get it from?

  9. Hi roby13, i gave it a go and nothing showed up in game, i decided to run the editor to see what would happen and got the error report below, any ideas?
  10. its been a while since i used it. are u sure u installed the rf1 version and not the rf2? i remember there were instructions included
  11. yes followed the rf1 version.
  12. i suppose u replaced the editor.exe also, right?
  13. Yes i did roby. Any other ideas?

    Hi Dewald, i did a bit of research on gid and a couple of sites mentioned that some of the things don't show accurate information, have you had any problems with it?

    Any idea where i can find a download link?

  14. what version of java have you installed?
  15. After I installed Java 6 I got everything up and running.
  16. I can't find java 6 anywhere it is apparantly superseded and have only seen it in the oracle archive but you have to register and give a heap of personal information when registering, something i dont want to do.
  17. Okay thanks roby
  18. Have given up on this but thanks for trying to help guys. Have got the gid one and that works fine