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rfDynHud not working anymore on steam

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Tal, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Tal

    Premium Member

    Since yesterday, rfDynHud stopped showing up on the hud (in the steam version).
    I went over the files, and it seems that the ini for the trackmap has been updated sometime, so I tried replacing it with the rfDynHud one, but that didn't help. So I tried a complete reinstall of the DynHud. Still no good. When I go to launch the hud editor, it returns an error message with simply "-1" written on it. IMPORTANT : the plugin DID work on steam before.

    anybody has any clue?
  2. I precise that on the non-steam version, the dynhud is not working with the metalmoro ;-)
  3. Tal

    Premium Member

    this may be true, I've driven other cars since this post and the HUD is indeed showing up. Haven't checked with the metalmoros again yet.
  4. I had to reinstall my rfDynHud again, now everything is working fine, even with Metalmoro cars.
  5. ho, nice to read this.