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rFactor1 Triple Monitor settings +FFB

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ries Notenboom, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Hope someone is willing and able to aid me with a few issues I am having whilst trying to set up my simrig once again.

    Having issues with the Shaking movements whilst in cockpit view. Disables ( put to 0 ) all the values in the config but still the movement is pretty big making me go dissy and feeling drunk.

    Also I can not seem to get around setting up my FFB anymore like I used to have it.
    any tips in the right direction welcome as it has been a while.

  2. hi! with the shaking movements you can edit the cockpitinfo.ini file (in vehicles, mod folder), you must to change the CockpitVibrationMag (0 is disable).

    And about FFB, what do you feel? do you have install Real Feel?
  3. Franky I didn't yet, gonna have a try with Realfeel. remember using that before.
    Wheel is a Fanatec GT3 RS Wheel and can't feel under of oversteer at all.

    As for the movement, not sure if in leagues it is allowed to modify the car details will have to check up on that. Otherwise I'll have to go back using anything but cockpit view as this shaking makes me sick heh :/

    Thanks Gary.
  4. Sickness problem is solved completely for me with Real Head Motion plugin by magicfr:

    EDIT sorry, the above link is for rFactor 2. Link for rF1 version is:

    It is designed to change the movement of the car/surroundings to more closely simulate reality. Your dizziness is caused by the horizon (wrongly) moving all over the place, this plugin leaves the horizon steady and moves the car instead, as in real life. So not only does it solve the motion sickness, it also makes the driving more realistic - For me it completely transformed already great games - I use it in rF and GSC, I would not race without it, it is highly recommended :)
  5. Posted in that thread, can't get that to work normally with Fanatec Wheel.
  6. Thanks Keith, that plugin works a treat !
  7. Does it run in rF1? or Is there any similar plugin for this?
  8. uuuooooohh so great! One of the problems what I have with rF1 was this, but now it goes phenomenal!

    thx so much!