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rFactor HDR Video PlugIn by GFXT & Boris Vorontsov

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Nel5on, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Based on ENB 0.8.6
    full DX11 support
    Improved display of shadows and light
    compatible with Tvstyle
    and more
    If your card isn't dx10 shader 3.0 or better it will not perform well at all with that file enabled
    copy all files to the game folder
    you need powerful PC
    works only with rFactor
    Download link

    gfxt,boris vorotsov,red[ee]mer

  2. Hello such, this plugin is to set something or simply unpack in the root of rfactor. Thank you very much ....:):)
  3. Wow... Um... I guess you need to update your tool to include the most current version of my HDR mod hahahahaha. You added some cool effects to my old one it seems... but my new version is more optimised for better fps without losing any image quality and it fixes a few issues with the old one, such as the image being oversaturated at night and the odd overblooming that would happen to the sky sometimes. If you want pm me and I'll give you a high contrast version of my new one since I see that's the one your basing this on and my new one keeps the contrast the same as the original games since I felt that was more realistic for me.

    I have no idea what any of the things you added on to it are or how they work but they clearly do. But My comp can't rly handle it so I'll stay with my simpler version till I can update my graphics card with one that dx11 capable cause as you say your version very fps intensive... X_x (which updating this to be based on my newest version will help a little :) )

    PS: Don't worry I aint mad at you for basing it on my ENB update, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and you did improve on it for those with good pc's that can handle it. Just pls give me some credit in the future ok? lol.
  4. gr stuff amazing thx
  5. hi! i just followed the instructions dropped into the main folder and the game wont start. i have win8 64bit nvidia 540m i5. please help me! thanks!