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rFactor AI strength adjustment

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Patrick Hnatow, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Hello,
    I have a question about the AI strength in rFactor. I already have the strength slider all the way to the left, down to 70%. However, the AI at some tracks are still killing me by several seconds. I've been working on my setups for hours and am not that 'new' to rFactor. I have several years exp. with ICR2 but patients running low here w/ rFactor.
    Is there a way to further reduce the AI strength via txt file or whatever like in the old ICR2?

  2. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    Are you sure you have it setup right mate, what mod are you using, I`m not one of the fastest guys but I usually need the ai over 100%.
  3. Finding usefull AI settings (including the options you have in the PLR file) is not always easy. It depends on the mod and on the tracks. Some tracks have wrong grip levels or were made to be driven with e.g. touring cars, not open wheelers (or vice versa). You could compare with real laptimes. Good mod/track combinations are within +/- 2 or even 1 second if AI strength is set to 100%. To make AI slower/faster you can also modify AIW files of the tracks you are using. Look for the lines
    These lines have strong influence on laptimes. But changing AIW may cause online mismatches.
  4. HI i didnt see in my plr
    where is or under what
    i had same problem couple mounts ago and i just reinstall my game.
    and can you tell me whats the orjinal number on worst,mid,best adjust
    Thank you.....
  5. These lines are not in the PLR, they are in the AIW file of each track. These values correspond to the AI strength for 80%, 100%, and 120% difficulty level. That's what I read in some forums and I can confirm that changing midadjust will have impact on AI laptimes (I'm running with 100% strength and had to speed up AI on some tracks). The AIW file contains further parameters affecting AI performance, but some of them are no longer used in the current version of rF. If you want to speed up AI it's better to look at and improve their racing line (fast path). You can find more information in some threads at RSC.
  6. All Right Thanks
  7. Hey guys,

    For anyone having issues with the inconsistencies in rFactor's AI speed, the AI programmer from ISI posted a good idea on another site:

    He suggests changing the AI Limiter value in your user PLR file to '0.00000'.

    This should keep the AI from slowing down during the race, compared to the AI's Practice and Quali pace.

    (The relevent PLR file can be found in 'rFactor\UserData\%username%\%username%.plr)

    I've struggled with this issue and I'm looking forward to some good, consistent offline racing!

  8. Fantastic! Will try this out.
    Always was impatient with very high ai speed in qualifying compared with speed in race.
    And no consideration of 'Qualratio=' and 'Raceratio=' in rFactor was discoverable like in GTR2.

    Okay I was thinking ai is using soft tyres in qualifying and hard tyres in race like myself, so therefore different paces. But in most cases the difference was to big. Mostly in offlineraces I got bad start position but then an easy race against the ai.

    So I will try this parameter this evening.
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