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Rfactor 2 Track Map plugin, is there a way to add tracks?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by SeriousNewb, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. I've finally tried getting into RF2. I've been able to get a Track Map plugin mod working which is useful for those tracks I'm not familiar with.

    The plugin uses its own folder for tracks /Plugins/Track Map/Tracks I think and uses its own file format which doesn't match with the file format used for actual tracks in /Locations/Tracks I think it is.

    Is there an effective way to add tracks to the plugin for example if I'm adding mod tracks like the Nordschleife or the Redbull Ring that was recently released?
  2. Yes, you can use the MAS utility tool you will also find at the launcher. I'm sorry though that I'm not on my PC now to give specifics, but essentially with the tool, you open the location folder, then select/open the files in that location (one at a time) and look for those with these types ('I think' AIW and GDB), and extract these to the trackmap folder (ie. select these files and right-click, then select 'extract'). But I'm sure someone will chime in soon to give better details.
  3. Thank you! OkY so the RF2 launcher (before you enter SP or MP) includes a conversion option? I added a non-Steam WS track via the Packages folder. I assume it's the files that have been added to /Locations/Tracks/ that must be converted and then copied into /Plugins/Track Map/Tracks/. Obvious I guess but just to be sure ;)
  4. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    go ingame and onto the track, then press alt+space to bring the menu up, scroll to add track and press enter, now complete the outlap and a full lap crossing the finish line on your full lap (stay on the road while doing the lap, doesnt need to be fast) once the lap is completed, bring up the menu again and scroll to save track and press enter, the trackmap is now saved for that track.

    if it doesnt save then theres a track of the same name in the trackmap tracks folder so its upto you to delete that or rename or whatever.
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  5. Yes, it's the 2nd icon from the bottom (ie. the one with the number 2 in the icon). Yes those files in Locations/Tracks/[ver#], open them and look for lines with the types AIW and GDB, then right-click and extract to the trackmap/tracks folder. David Turnbull's method works too by manually creating a map manually, but I haven't tried that as the method I described has worked for all the mod tracks I've used.
  6. Or you can just follow the instructions and go here to get the latest library of maps (latest version is only a couple of weeks ago):


    If by some slim chance the track you want is not in there, let them know and it will likely get added--to the benefit of all.
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  7. Jriv012

    Riverside Premium

    Used this today for Toban; worked like charm; thanks @David Turnbull!
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