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rf2 online or not?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Diego Balzarini, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Thanks to steam great discount I've decided to buy rf2 (I'm probably the only one who doesn't have it).
    My question is should i buy lifetime subscrition?
    In order to play online on any server(race2play,simraceway,or anyone private that host a server) i need the online subscription, right?
    It's a pity that they don't have an upgrade to lifetime for people that have just the game
    Thanks for your help
  2. rF2 offline = 17,99 Euro's normally 29,99
    rF2 lifetime = 47,99 Euro's normally 79,99 (which is a lot)

    1 year online subsciption = 10,99

    The 47,99 is a nice deal. But do you play online often? What about in 2 years?
    17,99 + 2 x 10,99 is less then 47,99 ...

    I play AC and Pcars only offline. But i still need to pay for DLC's, If i want extra cars and track.
    If i want to play online i sometimes need the extra DLC's to join a race.
    I don't have that problem with rF2... All updates and content are for free. Online is 100% an option...
  3. BoogerMac


    Great question...because I'm having the same debate in my head right now. I want rFactor 2; however, not sure if buying the lifetime version is worth the cost since I typically play R3E online. Any thoughts from the community are greatly appreciated.
  4. My problem is
    1- even with discount is 50$ which is 70au$ ( still a lot of money)
    2 i want to race online but due to my job i work wierd hours, so i cant race in leagues, I need pick up races.
    It would be another platform to increase my chances to find a race online ( i have only SCE/AMS)
  5. BoogerMac


    I understand your pain Diego. Even with the discount, the "full game" is still a lot of money for a game that's nearly 3-years old and doesn't have a huge, public online presence.

    I'm thinking about just buying the base game w/o online and purchasing the online if I ever decide to join a league or something because currently, I only play rFactor 1 offline.
  6. xnorb


    Seeing how long sims hold these days (especially ISI's as they basically build modding platforms rather than traditional games) i went for the lifetime option.
    But it wasn't really a tough decision for me as last november price was only about 35€ for that.
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  7. rFactor2 doesn't have a "huge, public online presence" because it's mostly a league simulator, and there are thousands of leagues around the world. If you're trying to do pickup wreck fest races only you better choose Assetto Corsa or similar. iRacing is too expensive but suits your needs. Anyway i'll go for lifetime subscription, you never know when your work gives you permission to race whenever you want ;)

    Also, in terms of physics you won't find anything better and it's improving in each update they release...
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  8. Peevee88


    Lifetime because I think there is a long way to go with this sim and each time they upgrade or release stuff it gets better.
    Agreed with the abovementioned info about leagues, but IMO it also has very good AI - maybe the best in modern racing sims.
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  9. Go for lifetime.

    I didn't. I has regrets.
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  10. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    I opted for the once a year, due to limited wheel time. One of the great things about rF2 is the quality of the offline racing. Whichever you go for I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  11. I'd say "don't bother". Rieza's AMS and their next gen sim will probably make RF2 redundant.;)
  12. It will be based on rF2 right? So why not buy it right now, have thousands of hours of fun and get used to it?
  13. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    What is AMS?
  14. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

  15. AMS is free to GSCE owners who purchased before Jan 5th 2016.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2016
  16. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Not my cup of tea. I rather quit with buying race games. Bought many but only race rF1 frequently.
    Since a week or two i started to give rF2 a try again. AC is a bit disappointing.
    Also bought Race 07, GTLegends and in the past GTR2... but never drove it frequently.
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  17. It's 40% off, near half price. The only question you should do is what is the color of the car you'll drive.
    Buy lifetime and stay "free". ISI is not moving from rF2 any time soon.
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  18. Thanks everyone, I bought the lifetime package... first drive........ brabham 1966.. loved it.
    AMS+rF2+Reiza 2017........ I don't think i need anything else :)
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  19. And for the records.... SCE tracks graphics are way better (that sao paulo in rF2 looks familiar;))