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Skins rF2 2015 Stockcar Pack Update (49 Skins) 1.1

rFactor 2 Stockcar Skins Update Package

  1. DaREALMastaD submitted a new resource:

    rF2 2015 Stockcar Pack Update (49 Skins) - rFactor 2 Stockcar Skins Update Package

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  2. Say... I give you 5 stars for your work, that's not questionable but... didn't all your paintings had different names/file structures before ?
    I think they did and now I got many double skin, since I didn't know which ones I should delete first. Doubles take precious HD space any more importantly... they annoy me since AI can't really rocognize that some driver is already in and we will end up with same drivers, many wouldn't be there and that just kill all the immersion. :-/
  3. Yeah so with these, I made the file structure different to allow the ai to use the skins, the skin names are the same so if you wanted to use the old file structure, just replace the old ones in the sc2014_number folders. Or if you want the new ones delete all the sc2014 number folders and just copy these new ones. Sorry about that and still thanks for the support, appreciate it.
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  4. No prolem. You deserve support all the way! ;)
    And... thank you for your answer, you solved my problem, easy peasy. :geek:
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  5. Mod was updated by ISI recently and they changed the VEH names to 2015 (e.g. SC2015_78.VEH instead of SC2014_78.VEH). So the skinpack doesn't work currently.