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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. Hello Everyone

    i have a announcement to make regarding my future in simracing, and 2013 in my opinion was a torrid year and with me being banned from one league and my passion for simracing is getting lower and lower, i can confirm what is to happen from this moment on.

    because i have decided to retire from league simracing, by the end of the year, although i will be still competing with some of the best drivers around, but at some point its good to say goodbye and that is what i am planning wth at the end of the season and this time it is genuine.

    i have concerned with this topic in the middle of this month and i feel that i dont have the interest, motivation, funds and mainly fun, which is necessary for me to go on and i have to admit that this announcement today has sort of released me a bit, so i can concentrate on the other things that i have in life and if i do have those three things which are necessary to go on in simracing, i will return, but for now that can wait soon enough.

    it was a emotional decision for me to make yes, but now i can now just enjoy myself for the rest of this year until the last race then i will stop.

    i will also like to give my respects to those who loved, liked, hated or even faped me over these last 2 years, it was a great honour to be with you and hopefully see you in the near future.

    I will also like to give my thanks to the following to

    Myles Dixon: for giving me to opportunity to test drive with Revolution Motorsport in 2012 at Silverstone

    Thomas Mundy (formely Scott Wilde)and Antonio Kolarec: for Giving me inspiration and Help in Revolution Motorsport and Developed me at a Early Stage

    James Peutherer: for giving me to opportunity to Drive for Nemesis for the rest of 2012 and giving me loads of help on the way which i really appreiciate

    Chris de Jong: for giving me the wisdom which i mostly use today

    David Dominguez and Johannes Kunkel: for keeping me Disciplined in this league

    Scott Woodwiss, Liam Jenkins, Nick Rowland, Lewis Mcglade and Sam Jones: for helping me with anything i get in troble with, even if we had a few cockups once in a while

    Simon Adebisi and Phillip Puschke: for giving me inspiration that is needed for doing highlights

    Petros Mak: for giving me the opportunity t drive for MAK-Corp this year


    James Sadler: for giving each other help when we most need it

    and now i have to say

    Thank You and Goodnight

    Muchas Gracias y buenas noches

    Merci beaucoup et bonne nuit

    πολλές ευχαριστίες και καληνύχτα

    Diolch yn fawr a nos da

    veel dank en welterusten

    my annoucement is here on radio broadcast

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2013
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  2. :cautious:
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  3. Ondrej you suck
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  4. I hope this is meant as a tongue-in-cheek comment, otherwise it says a lot about you.
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  5. look who's talking xD
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  6. In grid 2?
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  7. i will be still racing the rest of this season until i stop at the end then i will still race but not in leagues thats why i said i am retiring from simracing leagues
  8. Ron, I don't think retiring is the right word or phrase here. Taking a break may be more fitting. You're young, and there's still room for improvement, take a break, build your skills and work on your weaknesses, then come back and try again. Quitting will only take you backwards.

    Ondrej, your comments were uncalled for mate. If you have a beef with Ron, then you should take it up with him directly. There is no place for the type of behavior you displayed in your post, on this forum. Regardless of what Ron has done to annoy you and others, he is a human being and should be treated as such.
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  9. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Whilst I agree, to an extent, it is not necessary to insult someone. Everything else is up to FSR management but I can only urge you to remember that everyone on here is a human being as well - no matter how much you disagree with someone.

    Funny how I wrote this before Xavier posted his reply...yet, his words are so much alike.

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