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Request: Kers, shift lights,etc. Indicators in Cockpit mode

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Sk3ptik0n, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. In F1 2011 someone released a mod that basically gave you the same on-screen visual you get in tv pod view.
    I especially found it useful for kers and DRS. I like to keep my eyes on the track rather than the steering wheel and the TV pod indicators I can read with my peripheral vision while in cockpit mode I have to go look for them.

    If someone kows how the old one was done, I'll be happy to give it a shot myself, but I need to be pointed to a tutorial before I attempt it.

    Thank you.
  2. its really easy

    you need fergo bin xml convertor

    then open cars/ car you want to edit/ and copy cameras.xml to some folder (just for clearly)

    use bin xml to convert cameras.xml to cameras.txt

    open with note pad, ctrl+f (find head-cam)

    ok now two ways:

    1. just rename head-cam to head-cam2

    2. copy whole head-cam (to <view>) and make second head-cam under first and again rename to head-cam2 (should look same as original only 2 in name)

    save and use again fergo bin.xml to convert back for xml.. than put back to cars/ car name folder/ and rewrite (make back up) and thats all. Sry for english

    PS: just name edit of camera makes HUD visible, no other tweaks to camera needed..
  3. Thank you. Good instructions. I did something similar with 2011 it it was a while ago. I'll see if I can get around to it this weekend.
  4. im a noob here and to modding , i would appreciate when you get round doing these files would you upload them for me , many thanks