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[Request] A really long track

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Maximus787, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Maximus787


    I'm looking for a track with a REALLY long straight for taking cars to their top speed as well as for testing.
    I'm thinking something like a 30km straight. If there isn't anything like that out there, could someone with experience make such a track?
    The layout would be a 30km straight followed by a U turn and then another 30km straight back to the start line.
    So it would take the Bugatti Veyron 4.5 minutes to cross the 30km at a speed of 400km/h.

    Anyone up for it, or interested in having such a track made?
  2. Kimmo Kokkonen

    Kimmo Kokkonen

    Motopark Drag Strip for GTR2 includes alternative trk file with a very long straight, don't remember how many kilometres long it is but it is very easy to change as long as you want...track conversion to GTRE should be very easy as there's not so many objects included, then just copy the last track object and add as many as them needed for 30 km, there's few billboards to remove but that's all. 3DSimed is very good for that job...30 km straight will take long time to load...if it's possible???
  3. SwiftyOne


    Avus 67 Or Spa67....Really, really, LONGGGGGgggggg Tracks with great speed tests :) :)