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Replays are disappearing!!!!!

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Carlos Diaz, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz
    Happily driving a "girly" car

    Yup, one day they are there and the next they are gone! It was the good ones too, including the 1st league race at Melbourne.

    I checked the recycle bin, nothing there.

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them?
  2. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Yep I've had that happen to me before - haven't got a clue how to fix it off the top of my head, unfort.

    Meanwhile, go to your documents folder and look for a GTR folder (yes GTR), as they might still be there.

    Check them first, to see if they're there, and let us know.
  3. First thing that comes to my mind is that there's an option to add a time stamp to the replays.
  4. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz
    Happily driving a "girly" car

    Stu, thanks a whole bunch man!!!! Yes they were all in that GTR folder!

    I have the time stamp enabled in the PLR file. I still have no idea why some are there and some aren't, weird.
  5. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Good. :good:

    That's what I had - trying to find the fix now.
  6. Just want to add some thing. I have a GTR folder in the documents folder too. And it has replays in it. These have to be GTL replays because GTR has never been installed on this PC.

    Looks like it has some thing to do with Vista. Checked my other machines and only in Vista is there a GTR folder. In XP there isn't.

    When I used a dualboot with XP and Vista and using the same install of GTL on both OS's I couldn't watch the replays that where saved in Vista when I started GTL in XP later. This explains why that was.

    There is a Config.ini in the GTR folder with a line pointing to the replay dir. Maybe that can fix it.