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Replay: View other Cars, change View?!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Bake, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hey there!

    I´m wondering if there is any option to switch to other drivers in the final replay after the race? Like in GP2/3/4. It would be interesting to see the AI-drivers and their crashes from different angles :)

    And because i mentioned crashes and damage: with the damage 25% mod its much better, and there are lots of parts that can fly off, i´ve seen wheels, spoilers, disc-brakes, holes in the boxes and more!!

  2. NO idea?!
  3. There is no way to in the default game. If it has been modded in I have not come across the mod yet.

    People can cry about bugs all they like, THIS is one of the biggest design flaws IMO.
  4. yes, i think so, too.....after a hard race i´d love to lean back, even more with this fantastic graphics, and watch the replay like in television ;)

    hope someone implements this soon....
  5. I think they made it so you can't watch the AI's racing style. Because its full of unreal ****.

    One way to better myself is watch other people's good laps in Youtube, to learn some tricks about the circuit.
    If I did that with the AI laps, I would just end up wondering how the hell did they do that, totally outside the racing line and holding the car, swerving around not losing speed...

    I think its not a design flaw but an omission so you don't WTF too much.
  6. yeah defo i have had a few WTF moments myself
  7. i'm glad to announce that i made a big breakthrough in editing the replay cameras, as i also couldn't stand the awful replay cinematography. just completed the monaco track, and wait, wait, and you'll be stunned with the difference.
  8. Try damage 200%, feels better to me, 25% I could ram like dump truck
  9. JD1


    Yep this is the biggest flaw in any racing games I've ever played... first time I went to see a replay (which is during the first race) I had the biggest wtf ever I think, I hope someone can solve this issue.

    And I agree with MADscuderia also lol, I think it was MEANT to be because the AI is doing some crazy **** sometimes and it's the best way to hide the problems
  10. I agree, the very limited replay system is one of the biggest flaws in the game. They don't even exist for multiplayer races. I think you can't watch replays from another car's perspective, because iirc the ai is only actually on the track when they are near you, once they reach a certain distance, they are simulated again like in quali.

    I'm thinking the ego engine is just too underpowered to include all this sweetness.
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Replays on consoles are even worse. At least pc players have a patch that enables them to save them. On the console you either watch the replay right after a session / race or not at all. Huge omission for me: $
  12. Looking forward to this one. Let us see a video of it please.