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Replay movie damage.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Ivo Simons, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Yes the first screens of the new gamescom convention....

    Now it realy is rolling... Like for real... I don't have words for this. Would be too fanboy, because i grew up with the GT series you know...

    Keep them coming PD!!:cute:

    I must say though the damage looks a bit weird... how do i say this. A bit to clean...
  2. indeed. But i find the damage itself acting a bit weird on the rally car.

    I think it's a bit off a GT feeling, the no damage. It's like you said Mark, no big deal realy. In this game i never ever drove the cars to crash them so.
  3. Yup. And production cars are pretty lame anyway, unless you get the ones with engines bigger than sense like the Bugatti Veyron. When I unlock them, it's WRC and GT all the way :D

    I wonder what's happening with the GT contingent of F1?
  4. Another one


    Haha check the door round 1:02
  5. Another movie

    Source: Gtplanet
  6. The lighting on GT never ceases to amaze me. But the AI seems to need some work - oh look, two cars are blocking my way - best course of action: stick on the line and ram them! :p
  7. So what? Besides, that's what happens with the AI in any game. It's still in development.

    The lighting is fantastic.
  8. Mmm one day we may see an AI that feels more like we're racing a real person but you're right Mark they all do their fair share of blocking though in GT5P it does give the illusion of human error when you see the cars making mistakes up ahead of you seeing the plumes of dust as they clip a corner or just plain run off the track. That is one improvement over the perfect driving by the AI in other sims.
  9. I liekd that, it was pretty realistic. The AI are not glued to the road like before.

    Why have AI, when you have online! :D
  10. Indeed Mark, there you hit the keypoint of the new GT.

    Look at the online possibilities. I know i will only race offline to get special cars and to make it to 100%, all the rest will be online for sure!!
    Private rooms and all...:woot2:

    RD friendly imo!!
  11. Hooray, Bert!
    RDGT5 Club!