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Replay HUD

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ondrej Kapal, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Can I somehow disable HUD from replays? speedometer etc.
  2. Press your HUD toggle keys.

    Default is '2' I think.
  3. Edit:
    Ninja Ryan. :cool:
  4. aha! I didn't know what does it mean in control setup :p I am more smarter again... Thank you
  5. And what about that big mirror in the left up corner? I tried to press mirror button but it is still there.. I can only turn it off by video settings but I want to have real mirrors (I am working on a little movie and these things are very important)
  6. Please how can I turn off that mirror?
  7. by changing the view of the car with the buttons on the bottom menu.
  8. This is not an option for me. I need first person view (because #5) and this mirror is really annoying - I still can't understand why some when that mirror is there and some when there isn't...the same Eurosport logo... but I can live with it, only that mirror is really important to be off (with first person view)
  9. in visual options mirror=real instead of virtual?
  10. I tried this one... but it doesn't work, because with "real mirrors" there is that big mirror instead real (I don't understand it) and if I choose virtual mirror, there is no mirrors (big mirror is off but real mirror too.. no mirrors) :confused: I expected that someone will explain this... because it doesn't make a sense for me
  11. just tried it, it looks like real mirror must be on while recording reply, in short if it is recorded with real mirror it works and then you can turn it on/off in visual setings, not other way around unfortunately
  12. ok thanks I will try when I'll get on my PC and change RAM
  13. Yep you can't have mirrors as such in replays on RACE. Virtual gives no mirrors and real gives that big box.
  14. This is what I don't understand... because I have always real mirrors on when racing but somewhen there are real mirrors in replay, somewhen there is big mirror and somewhen there is Eurosport logo and somewhen not.. I am using only 1 game (Race ON) and this is mystery for me
  15. ok I changed in PLR file Replay HUD="1" -> "0" and now it is recording with real mirrors :biggrin: but there is one more (and last I hope) thing - can I turn display on? I mean no HUD, but car display which shows you your speed etc. :)
    many thanks