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Replace code wheel sensor :/

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Bob Johnstone, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. I recently have been having centering problems with my forza csr wheel. Nothing major, I sent
    fanatec a email with a video and they have sent me a new code wheel sensor these are the instructions
    they sent me

    we´ll send you the parts as soon as possible.

    You have to reach the screw in the top of the base behind the wheel-rim. Then you turn the base around and open the five allen screws on the bottom of the base. Now you can take off the base-cover and take a look inside.

    If you can´t reach the screw, open the four screw in front of the wheel rim (see picture attached). Now you can take off the rim and open the four screws that hold the rim on the base (second picture). You don´t have to remove them completely, only that much that you can pull the rim that far, that you can reach the "tricky" screw. Then you can open the 5 allen screws from the bottom. After that you can take off the cover plate.

    Now you can have a look if there is a problem with one of the two sensors which are at the “back” of the motor on a little PCB. These should be close to the little black “code wheel” and parallel to each other. Please make sure that the codewheel is clean before you put it into the wheel, dust or particles may have gotten into the wheel during transport.

    What I want to know is how do i know which sensor to replace and is it hard to do?

  2. Hi Bob

    You need to ask Fanatec these questions, I would like to help more, but you should deal with them directly for warranty advice / repairs. However, I would think its a fairly easy repair, but if you are not happy to do it yourself, you should tell Fanatec this..


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  3. the code wheel sensor is on the end of the FFB motor, its fairly easy to replace. the hardest part is the little plug (very tight to get in).
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  4. is there only one sensor?
  5. thanks brian im willing to try to do it myself coz my warrantry is not affected. oh and thx Nigel
  6. theres only 1 code wheel sensor.


    only hard bit is unplugging/plugging the lead into the pcb, but if you get this far you'll be fine.
  7. ah my wheel is the Turbo S, looks like they've added an extra sensor to the new wheels.
  8. i feel alot better about it now will do it on sunday thanks alot Nigel
  9. damn they only sent one sensor
  10. have you taken the cover off yet?

    who was dealing with you at Fanatec? maybe there is only 1 sensor!
  11. It is Johannes Kirsch that i am dealing with. I managed to replace the sensor (there was only one) but i still have the same problem so i have sent fanatec another email telling them so
  12. sorry to hear its not fixed :(

    are you using it on PC or Xbox?

    My problem was when the wheel calibrated after turning on it would often stop 360deg out, but replacing the sensor fixed mine.
  13. I am using it on both pc and xbox mate its still works just annoyes me ya know
  14. It seems I had to recalibrate the center position after fitting the sensor I didn't even know u could fixed now though;)
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