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Renewing contracts

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by sniper420, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Okay so I played my first season with Williams narrowly winning the WDC but not constructors, signed on to Mercedes for season two after beating my 'rival' Lewis Hamilton, taking his spot as number one driver with Rosberg as my team mate, at the end of season two I finished 2 points ahead and won the WDC for the second time, this time winning the constructors too.. I signed on to 'renew' my contract early on but now in season 3 I have Hamilton as a team mate and we are equals... Not too happy with that being a 2 x WDC!!

    As it said they would renew my contract I assumed it was as number one driver... Now I don't get to choose the R&D strategy nor make the call on whether to focus R&D on next years car during mid-season... I feel like Alonso must have in 2007 when Hamilton came in as his 'equal' ... :confused:
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  2. I actually am a bit confused as to why the team dropped Roseberg as my team mate for season 3... He came within 2 points of the WDC and helped the team secure the CWC ... Maybe it has something to do with me beating my 'rival' Lewis in season2, kind of jumping the ranks a bit? I don't know, poor Rosberg tho... He was giving me great battles throughout the year too.