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Released Renault Laguna coupe

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    Time to relase another car :)

    It's the Laguna coupe, in GT version, so with the 4Control system (means 4 wheels steering :D)
    It comes with
    • 6 colors
    • 2 leathers (full black or red/black)
    • 2 engines
    About the engine, the choice is between 2.0dCi 180ch and 400Nm or 2.0T 205ch and 300Nm

    Picture :

    And links :
    (for the whole car, i've already relased the dci only, one week ago)
    and the patch for who already has it :
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  2. Well I'll start by saying it is a nice looking car, I tested it in both RC4 and RC10. The complaints I have are the use of just flares for lights, in most cases you can't even see the brake lights when they are on. At least in RC4 I was showing some missing shader elements in the Qlog. And I'm not sure your ABS scripting is doing much of anything in RC10 at least, as I was able to lock up the wheels under hard braking, but at least it braked straight. This was with the gas engine, I switched to the diesel, and under hard braking I spun right out, infact I found it very hard to not spin the car out. The sounds for the most part are good, but not using its own unique horn kind of detracts from the experience of the car to me.

    I of course cannot comment on how accurate it is since there are no newer Renaults in America. It seems like a good car that just suffers from some minor issues though.
  3. It's a nice model... I don't really like the textures, but then again I'm obsessed with baking maps for everything... Even if not doing so seems to work okay these days.:)

    I don't know if it's a Racer problem or something in my end, but the interior dials don't show up in RC10? Is this a common problem? Also when I turn on the headlights, I get some weird artifacts on my screen unless I use an exterior view...

    Could be a brilliant car with the small bugs (which could be racer-related) ironed out. Also, where's the V6?;)
  4. the missing interior dials and artifacts on screen are an RC10 thing. Hence why I tend to use RC4, which has its own issues I think I've heard RC5 is the least buggiest.
  5. Hi harey :)
    The car was tester mostly in RC5, so please show me those missings material, it might be something like "material_N" no?

    About the braking, in wich case it happens, rear axle lock only, no?
    (if it is this, just reload the scripts ;) )

    About the scripted TC, it work only with RC5+ , because it is since this version I can get rotvel for each wheel ^^
    Hi bumper :)
    About the textures - for me at least- I use this way because it is better to get materials with several textures (like differents materials on seats) I hope you see what I mean

    The V6? Why not.. But i tought it is better with an small engine ;)
  6. The scripted TC I knew only worked in RC5+, but Racer's in game I think works fine and can be disabled as well.

    It only happened on the rear axles and reloading the scripts does fix it, until you switch engines with your configurator, then the issue comes back up. So there must be something your configurator is doing that is loading up an now old script.

    And the textures, well it was more than just a "material_N", but no matter what material they are, I shouldn't be getting any warnings about them missing in the Qlog, RC10 produces more errors, but thats just RC10 so I'm not concerned with that.
    Mon Feb 02 19:04:23 (WARN ): [racer] No shader found for material 'wire_153228214' in 'data/cars/renault_laguna_coupe/coll.dof' (default '<no texture>') [dmaterial.cpp:1120 / DMaterial::ImportDOF]
    Mon Feb 02 19:04:23 (WARN ): [racer] DMaterial:GetTexture(0) out of range (material wire_153228214, shader <none>) [dmaterial.cpp:518 / DMaterial::GetTexture]
    Mon Feb 02 19:04:23 (WARN ): [racer] No shader found for material 'material__645' in 'data/cars/renault_laguna_coupe/tbd.dof' (default '<no texture>') [dmaterial.cpp:1120 / DMaterial::ImportDOF]
    Mon Feb 02 19:04:23 (WARN ): [racer] DMaterial:GetTexture(0) out of range (material material__645, shader <none>) [dmaterial.cpp:518 / DMaterial::GetTexture]
  7. For TC, it does not work same way as Racer's one
    In racer, the TC just cut the throttle when a wheel is spinning, so if you have a flying wheel, it will only cut the throttle until reach the minimum speed of TC activation
    In a real TC, and my system lol, the spinning wheel gets braked, so its torque goes to the other side of differential, and the "static" wheel gets some torque to move, very usefull in the case of flying wheel, or.. Climbing XD

    About the rear differential, it is because the automatic handbrake, I am wondering if rename 02FAM by 001FAM would fix the bug ( the ESP will be loaded after then, so you will have realstatic values for braking)

    For the missing shaders, it is just few face + collision mesh, but I have to fix it to avoid those errors, I was not noticied in RC5 that's why ;)

    Thanks for feedback
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  8. Right, most cars use brakes instead of cutting the throttle, but I wouldn't say real TC does that in general, because I've driven vehicles that just cut the throttle.

    Hopefully you are able to figure out all the little issues with it though.
  9. Nice Work !
    Amazing Smoothing Groups, amazing textures, I'll try it later on my G25.

    Thanks a lot !