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Renault Alpine A310

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by John Cunningham, May 13, 2011.

  1. Is there a handbrake?

    I cant seem to find mine........ :)

    Handbrake (which I have on a wheel button) doesn't work. I have had this on a few cars, so thought I would ask.

    Tricky car, like an s1 but errrrm not 4x4 and with a nastier powerband.. great fun
  2. Is this a RWD car? If so, no the handbrake does not work, or even worse operates the front wheels.

    You have to use lots of throttle to get the rear end around on the RWD cars.
  3. yes it is a rear wheel drive so no handbrake like Aaron says. i found putting max front brake ballance then you can brake hard into tight turns and flick the rear round with the steering, hairpins are still very hard and take some luck getting round.
  4. thanks chaps, i just needed to be sure there wasnt any fix i was missing..
  5. As far as I recall, someone said that RWD cars in RBR are just FWD cars turned backwards, so the handbrake blocks the front wheels and is utterly useless.
  6. wow!
  7. ok so theres no use trying to use the hand brake so is slowing right down and using a low gear and alot of revs the only way to get it around a hairpin?
  8. that or the 'scandinavian flick'.....
  9. aha, good to read you are not being daft but the mod is ...