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Cars Reloaded BTCC 1997 1.0

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97 submitted a new resource:

    Reloaded BTCC 1997 - Super Touring Cars

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  2. I downloaded this twice , two different ways . when unrarred it seems broken and files missing :(
    anyone else ?
  3. I'll upload a new file immediately just give me a minute;)
  4. I've checked everything and it seems fine:unsure:Which files are broken?:cry:
  5. re downloaded and mainly the info in separate teams folders .incar , body.dds ,etc..

    the exception say file name to long :
    try ,

    only converted by Markano97
  6. The file name has been changed you can try this one now hopefully there won't be any problems;)
  7. this mod has the last "reloaded '98" cars (by Andreas) or the old supertouring 3.6 cars?
  8. the mod has the reloaded cars.It uses the same menu button as the old cars but it will be changed soon;)
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  9. Stunning mod and the cars look amazing =D
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  10. :thumbsup: Danke , Tak, now that worked....:D
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