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Reiza, you are a great company but....

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Javier Bernedo, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. your website deserve a better treatment:


    Latest new is from december 2014. A lot of great things had happened to GSC since then.

    Your facebook page is great, your participarion in this forum is great too; but if someone google Reiza Studios, your website is the first thing he´s going to see.
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  2. BoogerMac


    An update probably should've happened when the crowdfunding project began. I think a front page story on their homepage would have generated a few more donors.

    I agree though, the website needs an update or overhaul to show everyone the great things that are happening at Reiza.
  3. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    There's a new website on its way with a proper CMS to help with that
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  4. Great news!

    What is CMS?
  5. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    Content Management System, like Word Press etc.
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